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Expressive Photography: The Shutter Sisters' Guide to Shooting from the Heart This book had the same, exact contents as a previous edition with a different cover I loved the first one, and loved this one as well, but since I already had the first one, I made a gift of this second one to a photographer friend of mine, so he loves the contents now, too I have been taking pictures since my children were very young and have loved capturing moments of their short lived childhood I wanted to create a memory trail of sorts for them After realizing that I wanted to take my photography a bit farther, to invoke meaning and relevance for me and in what I was capturing, I bought this book in hopes that it would help me in my personal journey.I am so glad I bought this book I especially liked that the way it was written by several photographers so I could read, analyze, and learn the styles from each one of them I learned that the simplest of moments are photographic opportunities, and how looking at things from different perspectives could help achieve the process of expressing oneself further.After reading this book, I searched for other ones like it that dealt with photography on an everyday is a photographic opportunity viewpoint, and I could not find any, unfortunately A wonderful addition in my photography bag, and after finishing this book a few weeks ago, I still find myself still paging through it for inspiration. Don t bother it s a bunch of touchy feely nonsense very little in the way of photography tutorials way too much self help rubbish and hugely patronising to the reader The photography in the book is mediocre at best relying heavily on Photoshop to try and perk up mundane photographs Avoid and buy a real photography tutorial book that will actually help you to take better photographs.Anything by Ansel Adams doesn t matter if you are interested in film or digital photography his books will help you.Alternatively study your cameras manual until you know it all pick a photographer that inspires you for example Andre Kertesz and mimic their style It will take abit of playing with the camera but you will get use out of that practice then anything in the shutter sisters book.This book is a waste of any serious student photographers money Go to their website first and see how they operate if you like that style and you re happy with using alot of photoshop go ahead and buy it.My experience comes from being a professional photographer. This is a lovely book, great value at the price and full of beautiful, interesting pictures I found the photographs in this book inspiring and original, and the fact that it s comunally written means that the tips and ideas come from a wide variety of people with very different experiences in photography.Parts of the text were very similar to the advice that can be found in many photography books, so if you ve read a few guide to books you ll probably find large chunks of the writing repetitive, and to be honest i found the writing style too sentimental for my tastes at times either because I m british or cynical, or both However, for an amateur like myself, the photographs were very instructive a lot of them have the camera settings for the image next to the picture, which really brings the effects of different ISOs and apertures to life , and the book is packed full of advice on capturing feeling in your photographs and relating to the people you want to photograph in order to capture natural, at ease images.Overall i think this deserves the 5 stars because of the great layout presentation and the images from all ten of the very talented photographers who collaborated on this book The pictures are amazing, there s lots to learn, and you can skip over the bits you already know. I have many many photography books Most technical I wanted a book that was about perspective, one that was filled with loads of inspirational photos This book was exactly what I was searching for If you want a Scott Kelby or Bryan Peterson book full of the technical photography info than I would not suggest this book for you If you want a book that emotes the passion and art side of photography than this is just the book for you I love this book and would suggest it for anyone who is new to photography, wants to see photography from an artist perspective or if you know all the technical stuff and just want to be inspired by other photographers art. As an amateur photographer for many years, I am learning to adapt from film to digital photography I have read many books on the subject, but none as exhilarating and motivating as this one I am learning new angles, new techniques with their guidance I am learning how to show the emotion I experience every time I release the shutter The shutter sisters have given me tools to help express my feelings and as I capture them, others will feel it too One who has a love for photography only has to look at what they accomplish in the photographs they share in order to understand their unwavering love for this art form Their personal stories lend heart and soul to the poetry of photography. For Most Photographers, The Perfect Shot Is Not The One Which Has The Sharpest Focus, The Cleanest Composition Or The Most Balanced Exposure The Perfect Shot Is The One That Captures The Personality Of The Subject, The Character Of A Scene Or The Dynamic Of The Moment And This Is The First Book That Explores Different Approaches To Shooting With That Aim In Mind The Shutter Sisters, An Innovative Partnership Of Ten Photographers, Have Been Sharing Their Expertise For Years On A Successful Blog This Is Their First Book Valuing The Evocative And Emotional, They Show How To Balance The Technical Craft Of Photography With The Demands Of The Moment And The Avoidance Of Clich With Thematic Chapters Including Childhood, Togetherness And Solitude, Expressive Photography Offers A Wealth Of Ideas For The Shooter Who Wants To Move Beyond Dry Technique. Expressive Photography is the answer to creative roadblocks These are extraordinary women who have taken the time share their craft with the world, not to mention the incredible community they have created on As a photographer I am totally in love with the premise of the book, the idea that we all have the ability to collectively discover the simple beauty in every day matters No two eyes will ever see the same thing in the same way and therein lies the opportunity to show your perspective to the world Its a book you will easily connect with and use as a tool to develop your creative talents. This is a very good book which discusses of the importance of taking photographs which speak to your heart and emotions I think the key word in the prior sentence is your You are taking photographs for yourself to document your life and the occurances you and your family experience It is not a book about taking photographs for others or for profit It doesn t speak to technical aspects of photography It is about seeing The book contains ten chapters each authored by a different person Some are obviously better writers than others, but the content photographs and tips are solid throughout This is a different type of photography book and one which you can refer to over and over to refresh your vision and restart your creativity.

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