Numero 6: Reliving a Historic Year Following Liverpool

5 thoughts on “Numero 6: Reliving a Historic Year Following Liverpool Football Club

  1. Shanny Basar Shanny Basar says:

    Lets face it, you re no going to read this unless you are a Liverpool fan And if you are, you probably already read watch listen to The Anfield Wrap They are great football pundits but their pieces are about than just the games and the word that occurs most often in this collection is love The love that Klopp and his squad have for each other and the club, and the love that is reflected back by the fans I haven t fallen so hard for my heroes since I was a teenager and plastered my bedroom wall with posters of Duran Duran Dan Morgan writes beautifully about why so many us feel this way in How Klopp and Co Brought The Fun Back His mantra remains that football is about people and experiences It is about opening your eyes to the world and its beauty in front of you It is about seeing people grow To know that at some point there will be an end, but you will look each other in the eye and by God you will know you have savoured every second with each other.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    It is a book some will really enjoy and you can pick out specific games rather than starting at the beginning.

  3. Tom K Tom K says:

    A gift for my brother in law He thought it was a good read

  4. Customer Customer says:

    Written by fans for fans this is a definitive collection of stories, reviews, post match, pre match and everything inbetween.If you re a Liverpool fan buy it now.

  5. A L. A L. says:

    Well written by true fans Great to share their opinions and thoughts.

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Numero 6: Reliving a Historic Year Following Liverpool Football Club Numerorelives an unforgettable and historic year for Liverpool Football Club A year of inexorable hope, unprecedented success and European adventure where domestic disappointment was swiftly followed by incredible, dramatic triumphs on the highest club stage of them all the Champions League As they have been since , The Anfield Wrap was there every step of the way Now, in Numero , they are giving readers opportunity to relive the exhilaration and exhaustion of the lastmonths, in which The Reds gave us extraordinary tales to tell and made us fall in love with football all over again