The Apprentice Witch: book 1 in James Nicol's spellbinding

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  1. vonp vonp says:

    This is the first book in a charming magical fantasy series featuring Arianwyn Gribble, who has unfortunately failed her evaluation to receive a silver star and become a full witch, and instead must make do with a dull bronze badge and an apprenticeship in the small town of Lull The author, James Nicol, has created a very believable character who is constantly trying her best, but battling with self doubt and occasionally creating some sticky situations in particular when dealing with snotlings The magical world in which Arianwyn exists is populated with a fascinating range of magical creatures and spirits, with witches helping the humans to fend off dark magic using glyphs to create their spells and charms Arianwyn also has to deal with familiar situations such as a mean former classmate and a pompous, self important mayor, which require quiet common sense rather than magical solutions She is such a sympathetic character that you are drawn into her story and hoping that her determination and courage will prevail I would recommend this book for children in Year 3 4, who are looking for a substantial, enjoyable read, maybe moving on from The Worst Witch series It is beautifully written, exciting but not too dark so highly suitable for children who might find other magical fantasy series too scary.

  2. Asha Hartland Asha Hartland says:

    This is exactly the sort of book that is guaranteed to tick all my boxes, so it s no surprise that as soon as I learned of this book s existence, I ordered it The Apprentice Witch is a lovely coming of age story about a young witch finding her feet in a new town it reminded me a lot of the feel of Kiki s Delivery Service, so was an obvious hit for me.When Arianwyn fails her assessment to become a fully fledged witch, she s given the consolation prize of an apprenticeship in a small town in the middle of nowhere As she struggles to fit in and prove herself, she learns a lot about herself and her craft it s a classic story, but one that really works As I say, the premise reminds me a lot of Kiki s Delivery Service, which is my favourite Ghibli film, and The Apprentice Witch, while it has action and pace, has a similar hopeful tone about becoming the best witch person you can be.Arianwyn s a great character From the very beginning you are rooting for her, and I was genuinely disappointed for her when she didn t pass her test, even though it says she won t in the blurb I really liked that her frustration and self esteem issues were apparent, but she was determined to work through them and prove people wrong it made it easy to fall in love with her, since she was flawed but working hard to improve herself I really liked watching her find her place in amongst the people of her new village she makes friends and enemies, of course, and these characters are also well sketched, particularly her friend Salle and the horrible Gimma Arianwyn s kindness and persistence make her a great character for kids to identify with, and I know I would have worshipped her if I d have met her as a younger reader I really enjoyed the magic system here the idea is that witches are able to cast spells by using elemental glyphs to channel their power It s got just enough freedom that all sorts of fun things can happen, but just enough restriction that it makes Arianwyn s discoveries really interesting Hopefully we ll get even info on the truth behind the magic in the next book The creatures that Arianwyn encounters are really fun, and lead to some very exciting scenes I particularly like Estar, who again proves that Arianwyn s thoughtful kindness is the best way forward.Overall, The Apprentice Witch is a perfect witchy MG read, with a loveable, realistic heroine and a great storyline I can see this easily becoming a classic of children s fantasy, and I can t wait to read the sequels Five out of five stars.

  3. @FromScrumptious @FromScrumptious says:

    The Apprentice Witch by James Nicol is a middle grade fantasy about a young witch in training named Arianwyn When she is the only girl in her class to fail her final magic assessment, she is sent to the remote town of Lull to work as an apprentice to further her magical education When she discovers Lull is actually full of dangerous spirits and creatures, she takes it upon herself to protect the town.A delightful fantasy story for middle grade readers that transports you to a whole other world The plot moves along at a nice pace and there are plenty of interesting characters to capture the imagination There is no lack of action either The main protagonist is well developed and an outstanding character She s quick thinking, brave, kind hearted and a true and loyal friend This would also make a great read aloud book for parents or teachers There are a lot of topics for discussion like bullying, lying and friendship Young readers will definitely be hooked by this magical tale A Witchy 4 Read

  4. Lilyfae Lilyfae says:

    Ok I m late to the party but this book it lifted my heart and spirits with its tale of Arianwyn who doubts herself so much, is downtrodden by shady mean girls and only finds how wonderful, strong and gifted she is through courage and struggle.Wyn finds herself an Apprentice Witch on probation in the rural town of Lull fixing charms and eradicating snotling infestations But then the girl who made her life miserable arrives mysteriously and messes everything up and a rift brings a Darkness to the woods and town with only Arianwyn left in between the darkness and certain doom This book has a style that feels like slipping on a comfy sweater, there s a cosy nostalgic flow to it but it s still a fresh narrative and a great magical system with its elemental and summoning vanishing glyphs and charms I loved it There s a feel of the epic fantasy world building of both Terry Pratchett and Joanne Harris within the story This coupling seems odd, but there is a fantastical element of bogglins and than a touch of Lancre about Lull and coupled with a nostalgic whimsy about Lull a town trapped away from much of the modern hubbub and the arrival of Wyn and the Mayor reminded me of Vianne arriving in Lansquenet I flew through this fun story and immediately made plans to read the following books It took me awhile but James Nicol, you have won a fan in me and I m so glad I have these stories for my daughters.

  5. P.D. Pabst P.D. Pabst says:

    First, I have to confess I listened to the audiobook And the narrator was fantastic She made the story come to life Still, she wouldn t have been able to do this if the author hadn t written such a marvelous story Whoever said this was a great comparison to Harry Potter or was it as satisfying as Harry Potter , was spot on This is well worth a read

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    This book is great for 8 and above Some scary moments but all s well that ends well We love it on Audible as well We hope there are to come in the series

  7. Atlanta-based Atlanta-based says:

    This is such a fun, sweet world to visit, even with a few threats hanging around The main character, Arianwyn, has a yearning to belong that reminds me of Julie Edwards classic children s novel, Mandy It has a wonderful vintage feel to it, although the plot clips long at a modern pace I m looking forward to the next one.

  8. Monica Garrison Monica Garrison says:

    I highly recommend this book It has everything you need in a story, well developed setting, believable characters, and a plot line that delivers Mr Nicole has conjured a great read So grab your tea and a cosy chair You won t be disappointed.

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