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100 Tricks to Appear Smart In Meetings Perfect Secret Santa Gift BooksellerThe Book That S Missing From Million Offices And Conference Rooms Around The World The Idiot S Guide To Conquering The Corporate Meeting In It You Will Learn The Essential Subtle Tricks That Pay Big Dividends By Making You Look Really Clever In Meetings Constant Nodding Pretend Concentration Useless Rhetorical Questions How To Nail The Big Presentation By Pacing And Getting Someone Else To Control Your SlidesComplete With Illustrated Tips, Examples, And Scenarios, Sarah Cooper S Tricks To Appear Smart In Meetings Gives You Actionable Ways To Use Words Like Actionable , In Order To Sound Smart

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    If you need to attend or facilitate meetings, this is the book to get A very entertaining read with many useful tips embedded I have already used some of the recommended pointers to look smarter, such as the shapes in presentations and reports They were very well received It is good to identify the meeting strategies which Senior Mana

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    Really funny book that anyone who is involved in meetings can relate to I brought this for my mum for Mother s Day she is looking to retire next year and was just in fits of giggles reading it You can just pick it up and read a selection as and when so convinient for a quick pick me up after a hard day on the office I m going to drop m

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    A great token or secret santa gift for work, it s like the humour of W1A, a funny little thing to flick through during your lunch break and laugh a the dry humour of sadly what most meetings are like.Nice hardback book, enough content to warrant the price.

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    Hilarious If you work in an office then this is the perfect secret santa gift doesn t really matter who you draw out the hat as I m sure pretty much everyone in your department will be able to relate to it.

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    I m now one of the smartest people I know This book is brilliant So much fun Plus you ll recognise a lot of the behaviours identified, the behaviours of others of course Such a fun book or educational depending what you want to get out of it

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    Bought this for my colleague at work and he loved it Super Secret Santa gift Easy to read, lots of pictures and fun Highly recommend

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    Love this book Lots of funny notes and tips inside Every person I ve bought this for loves it

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    Great for toilet seat readers, funny and pertinent, recommended read.

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