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How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings: Non-threatening Leadership Strategies for Women The Unspoken Rules For How Women Should Behave In The Workplace Are As Numerous As They Are Confusing Ask For A Pay Rise PushyTake Credit For An Idea ArrogantAdmit A Mistake WeakSuccessfully Juggle Work And Family UnpromotableIn How To Be Successful Without Hurting Men S Feelings, Sarah Cooper, Author Of The Bestselling Tricks To Appear Smart In Meetings, Illustrates How Women Can Achieve Their Dreams, Succeed In Their Careers And Become Leaders, Without Harming The Fragile Male EgoThis Wickedly Funny Tongue In Cheek Guide Includes Chapters On How To Ace Your Job Interview Without Over Acing It , Non Threatening Leadership Strategies For Women , And Choose Your Own Adventure Do You Want To Be Likeable Or Successful It Even Includes Several Pages To Doodle On While Men Finish Explaining ThingsWhen All Else Fails, There Is A Set Of Cut Outable Moustaches Inside To Allow Women To Seem Man Like, Which Will Probably Lead To A Quick Promotion PRAISE FOR TRICKS TO APPEAR SMART IN MEETINGS A Lot Of Fun And Absolutely On The Money Daily Telegraph, Book Of The Year Even Though It S Mostly A Comedy Book, I Can T Help But Think How Legitmately Useful I Would Have Found This In My Early Twenties The Pool Sarah Cooper Is Uncannily Spot On When Describing The Seemingly Innocent Behaviours Of People Attempting To Impress Others Christine Tsai, Founding Partner, STARTUPS

8 thoughts on “How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings: Non-threatening Leadership Strategies for Women

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    I haven t read the book yet but the Kindle edition s format is horrible feels like I m reading a PDF file no access to dictionary and pages do not fit my kindle s or phone s screen.

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    Sarah nails the problem in an incredibly funny and ironic take on the workplace Men, get over yourselves and then get out of the way

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    A friend showed me this and I had to buy it Funny because it s true But also sad.Guys tend to either be offended because they secretly find it accurate or hilarious because they openly know it s accurate.Girls it may open your eyes to what s been happening and why This encouraged me to leave my workplace and get a new, higher paying job Because it made me aware of wha

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    I laughed until my belly hurt but also it put subtle observations and feelings I had into words and a recognition that these things do happen, I m not dreaming it It was a bit sad in a way how many of these things are actually still a reality but it was empowering to recognise that and have the confidence to challenge and call them out.

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    Close girlfriend is graduating and starting her career Thought this would be exactly the thing to let her know I believe in her and she s going to do great It s funny but meaningful at the same time She loved it Looked pretty good when I flipped through before wrapping Would recommend.

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    My daughter in law laughed out loud job jobbed

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    Saw this recommended on Instagram so I bought it on a whim and it was a very well received christmas present for my girlfriend.

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    Not a long book but very amusing.

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