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  1. Scott Williams Scott Williams says:

    I don t know why, but I have always admired Eliot Hodgkin and his approach to art making This book accompanies the long overdue exhibition of his work this summer at Waddesdon.First, the production and design quality of the book itself is first rate The images of his paintings and family photos are perfectly reproduced The entire book is in color no black white photos The page design balances text and white space on each page very well with the artwork, which of course is the star of the book There are many very large, full page detail shots of paintings, particularly in the front of the book, plus the reproductions of his artwork throughout are relatively large on each page Considering many of his tempera paintings are quite small, the reproduction size seems just about right The images are printed on a premium, 100% opaque matte white paper It s a printed hardcover, well bound with a beautiful reproduction on the front and back covers, protected by a matte aqueous coating.The text is light reading but provides good background on the life and times of Mr Hodgkin His family is ever present in this presentation, which I enjoyed learning about Same can be said of the commentary provided for the color plates in the back half of the book These brief comments are the type you might find written by family members in a photo album admiring depictions of his work plus the kind of background info that could only be provided by those closest to him I felt this text tied most of the paintings and drawings back into the biographical material presented earlier in the book There is also a brief, but informative article, written by Mr Hodgkin that explains his egg tempera technique and why he chose to use it Overall, the tone and feel of the text plus it s brevity seems perfectly suited to Mr Hodgkin s philosophy of art, his modesty, and to the times in which he lived.I highly recommend this book to anyone already familiar with his oeuvre as well as those who may wish to take a chance on an unknown artist You won t be disappointed

  2. R. K. Ltd R. K. Ltd says:

    This is a very attractive, well produced survey of Hodgkin s work, with all illustrations in colour and commentary that not only intelligently discusses his exquisite still lifes and views of ruins but paints a picture of the artist as a very charming, modest, and likable man I have withheld one star for the awful title, which is not about Hodgkin but about a Mr Eeles, who produced the book, a rather presumptuous arrogation of credit, and an inaccurate one as well Hodgkin, who died not that long ago, was always highly regarded, and he and his paintings have not been brought to life they are not alive, and he is still dead.

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Brought to Life: Eliot Hodgkin Rediscovered Eliot Hodgkin is best known as a painter of still life subjects beautifully executed in tempera His depictions of everyday objects such as lemons, radishes, dead leaves and feathers have always been much prized by collectors Less well known are his haunting views of bomb sites in London after World War II, with rank weeds and wildflowers pushing up through mounds of rubble This revealing, fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the first survey exhibition on the artist sinceEliot Hodgkin is best known for his still life paintings in tempera, but there are several other facets of his career as an artist which have never been fully explored In the s, once he had got into his stride, he produced large, almost flamboyant flower pieces in oil, but towards the end of the decade his style became precise as he began to discover the refined quality of tempera as a medium His subjects took on a distinctly surrealist treatment, echoes of Dal , and this led on to an almost obsessive attention to detail, each painting being preceded by an elaborate, scaled drawing in pencil and brown wash with colour notes scribbled all over the sheet Hodgkin s s paintings of the City of London after bombing half ruined buildings, mounds of rubble and rank weeds are mesmerizing and will come as a surprise to many viewers In the next decade there is concentration on still life subjects, although there are some highly evocative landscapes in the s and s resulting from holiday tours through France, Switzerland and Italy However, it is as an exquisite painter of objects, usually of ordinary things like lemons, radishes, birds eggs, dead leaves etc that Hodgkin is best known for among art connoisseurs It is the placement of the object, as much as the way the surface texture is described in paint, that makes these small pictures fascinating and deeply memorable Hodgkin is very much in the tradition of Adriaen Coorte and Sanchez Cotan, two artists that he much admired Hodgkin and his wife were also keen art collectors, and, not surprisingly, they owned a fine still life painting by Giorgio Morandi, which now has its home in the Tate Gallery

  • Brought to Life: Eliot Hodgkin Rediscovered
  • Adrian Eeles
  • 22 January 2018
  • 1911300571

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