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Photoshop CS3 Photographer's Handbook: An Easy Workflow As a relative beginner with Photoshop, I figured this book was appropriate This book is for those who want to learn the basic tools and image editing steps within Photoshop Yet, I had a tough time extracting real value as I progressed through the six chapters.According to the authors, the key element of this book is to make clear the workflow within Photoshop from the original image import to final print or web output The book adhered to this focus but in a way that most beginners would find a bit too abstract.I am certainly in no position to argue with the authors on their advice for the best sequence of steps However, there are no examples to concretely follow It would have been much valuable to have provided example images with step by step elaboration and valuable practice Telling us the next step is to reduce localized color cast needs to be supported by having a copy of the image the authors use to illustrate the book with some practical help in carrying out the advice This lack of hands on learning is what the book lacks.For those of you who are seeking a book with lots of examples for practice and follow through should take a look atPhotoshop CS3 One On One. This book is exceptionally well written and is already saving me time on the job I would highly recommend it to any level of Photoshop user. I consider myself pretty much a beginner with Photoshop, but I ve found this book a great resource for me on my way to learning the software It s helping me to anticipate all the possibilities the program offers at this early stage in my learning curve there are so many it s somewhat intimdating , which can only help me as a nonprofessional but still ambitious photographer The photo examples are relevant and helpful, and I particularly appreciate the care taken with including the keyboard shortcuts consistently throughout the text The only caveat I have is that I do not have CS3 only CS1 , so some of the window snapshots included which are plentiful and necessary , don t represent my screen Regardless, I recommend this book wholeheartedly for those seriously committed to growing their knowledge and use of Photoshop over time. A someone who has used Photoshop for years, I am always amazed at how much there is to learn about this program This book in an easy to understand way introduced me to several new ways of using some of the tools of Photoshop Highly recommend. Photographers Often Feel Overwhelmed When Starting With Photoshop The Sheer Number Of Tools And Options Make It A Difficult Tool To Get Started Brad And Steve Have Created A Step By Step Guide That Provides A Simple And Effective Workflow For Editing Photographs In Photoshop The Book Includes An Introduction To The Basic Concepts And Tools Needed To Edit Photographs In Photoshop And Then Walks Through A Complete Editing WorkflowThe Handbook Is Designed To Get You Working Quickly With Photoshop Providing The Essential Information For Image Editing And Step By Step Projects For Detailed Photoshop TechniquesUse The Photoshop CS Handbook To Get A Solid Foundation Towards Understanding The Tools And Processes Used To Edit Photographs Using Photoshop CSLearn A Practical Workflow For Editing Images Including Organizing Images, Clean Up, Basic Image Editing, Editing With Selections And Applying EffectsLearn Individual Techniques For Image Editing By Following Simple Step By Step Instructions For Each TechniqueLearn Photographic Techniques For Image Editing Like Removing Blues From Shadows, Blending Images Together, Or Correcting Skin Tones

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