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The Phoenix Project: A Novel about It, Devops, and Helping Your Business Win I never intended to read this book I don t spend all weekend glued to a book about IT but this gripped me from the blurb onwards, with relate able events such as an overrunning project, whose scope increases exponentially, resignations, co workers going AWOL, poisonous managers, human bottlenecks, under investment, etc., And none of this explains why I had so many late nights, and my husband thought I was being as mad, as when I entered the cats in a cat show or took 6 kids on the coast to coast It is a great evangelising tool for DevOps It explains the concepts by using the Phoenix project as a working example, and you must read it even if you think you know it all after 20 years in web development. Five Years After This Sleeper Hit Took On The World Of IT And Flipped It On It S Head, The Rd Edition Of The Phoenix Project Continues To Guide IT In The DevOps Revolution In This Newly Updated And Expanded Edition Of The Bestselling The Phoenix Project, Co Author Gene Kim Includes New Research, A New Foreword, And A Sneak Peek At The Next Project From Gene Kim And Jez Humble Bill, An IT Manager At Parts Unlimited, Has Been Tasked With Taking On A Project Critical To The Future Of The Business, Code Named Phoenix Project But The Project Is Massively Over Budget And Behind Schedule The CEO Demands Bill Must Fix The Mess In Ninety Days Or Else Bill S Entire Department Will Be Outsourced With The Help Of A Prospective Board Member And His Mysterious Philosophy Of The Three Ways, Bill Starts To See That IT Work Has In Common With A Manufacturing Plant Work Than He Ever Imagined With The Clock Ticking, Bill Must Organize Work Flow Streamline Interdepartmental Communications, And Effectively Serve The Other Business Functions At Parts Unlimited In A Fast Paced And Entertaining Style, Three Luminaries Of The DevOps Movement Deliver A Story That Anyone Who Works In IT Will Recognize Readers Will Not Only Learn How To Improve Their Own IT Organizations, They Ll Never View IT The Same Way Again I always expect these kind of books to be pretty uninspired, but educational This one starts very slowly and dry, but about a quarter of the way in it becomes extremely gripping, and is an amazing insight into the evolution of dev ops, it s benefits and application, and delivers all the information from an amazing angle I haven t experienced before I very highly recommend getting this book if you have interest in the field it ll certainly make you start approaching hurdles at work from a different and better perspective Excellently educational and inspiring. The story takes place in a company besieged by the problems anyone in IT will be familiar with Mismanaged projects, time and budget overruns, meddling managers with an inflated sense of self importance, arbitrary and un achievable deadlines etc.The story follows the life of the newly promoted IT Manager who is tasked with solving these problems and while tackling the issues he learns about DevOps I found the book itself to be a very entertaining read and the concepts introduced both made sense withing the context of the story and reflect the real world issues a lot of us face as well.The book does have a somewhat accelerated rate of adoption within the company, most real world scenarios would probably take considerably longer and be much of a struggle with considerable meeting however I doubt many people who be enthralled by that The story pacing certainly benefits from this approach.The comparisons between IT and a typical manufacturing plant makes understanding the concepts underlying DevOps easier than speaking about them in the usual IT language.I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who works in an IT DevOps environment and wants an enjoyable read that also helps with the daily job. This is the best book I ve read on applying lean manufacturing processes to IT operations work What makes is so great is that it is an expertly written, compelling story which leads you on a journey, rather than preaching dry theory.Anyone with experience in IT will be utterly absorbed by the characters and situations in the story On than one occasion I felt like I was actually re living past experiences, as the authors capture the relationships, motivations and consequences so accurately With a background of failing IT established which is made so real by shared experiences , the book slowly leads you through the main characters decision making process, showing you all the successes and failures he makes on the way to truly understanding how to manage the flow of work through his IT operations department.Again, this book is brilliant, and should be a must read for anyone either in IT, or in an origination supported by it.

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