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Card Tricks: The Royal Road to Card Magic If you practice any sort of magicor plan on giving it a tryyou probably know that for most people, card tricks are often the starting point If you have a deck of cards readily available, as many common households do, the only things required to wow an audience are a little sleight of hand and a magicians secrets In spite of the timeless credo good magicians never reveal their secrets, renowned magicians Jean Hugard and Frederick Brau generously divulged theirs in Card Tricks The Royal Road to Card Magic Published originally in the s, this classic guide containsthan one hundred spectacular tricks allowing anyone to pick up a deck and dazzle an audiencewhether their performance is in a theatre, at a party, or even on the street Withthanillustrations to accompany trick instructions and the addition of a new foreword by Steven Cohen, a master of sleight of hand, this edition of Card Tricks is one of the leading authoritative books on card magic