13 thoughts on “Rush 2020 Square Wall Calendar

  1. Wernke Wernke says:

    typical calendar from Rush

  2. JHW JHW says:

    My son loved his annual Rush calendar Thanks

  3. Big D Big D says:

    I have been getting a Rush calendar each year for as long as I can remember It is going to be a tough year now with the passing of The Professor on 1 7 2020.Be kind to each other.

  4. Everett Peavey Everett Peavey says:

    Just hung it today behind another calendar I never look ahead, but June was where the cardboard insert was and the 4 month photo looked greatI ll know in a year BTW I love the Presto album.A note have always been annoyed that Hold Your Fire never went platinum It s different, but has some of Peart s best lyrics throughout the entire album It is also a fuller sounding album from them in smoothness for lack of a better word at this moment I hope HYF and Presto come out in 5.1 for their 40th anniversary releases.

  5. Paul Paul says:

    Some really quality photos from the Presto tour unseen before as well as from The Pass video shoot Excellent quality.A must have for any Rush fan.



  7. omnivorous Reader 42 omnivorous Reader 42 says:

    I bought this for my Rush fan husband and he loves it The concert he attended is actually on the calendar The pictures are good and there is a lot of info on the calendar.

  8. Sanch Ranch Sanch Ranch says:

    Who knew that Neil was sick I bought this before he passed and am so glad I did Beautiful calendar with nice pictures of the band during their Presto tour This was a good tour and a great album This calendar is highly recommended.

  9. larry b larry b says:

    Rush all 12 months I m just waiting wanting just one tour I m not asking for the standard 3 3.5 hour RUSH concert.Just do a best of from 2112 Moving Pictures 1976 1981

  10. lisah lisah says:

    Great photos from great band

  11. Ivy Finn Ivy Finn says:

    Got this for my husband after Neil died He absolutely loves it The pictures are clear and the blocks are the perfect size.

  12. activities-crafts-games.co Customer activities-crafts-games.co Customer says:

    This was awesome Better than expected

  13. Kev Tustin Kev Tustin says:

    I miss these guys and I miss this calendar because it s hanging up at work Long live RUSH

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