Gamba're!: The Japanese Way of the Rugby Fan PDF/EPUB

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  1. Andrew Andrew says:

    This book is a great little introduction to Japan and Japanese, with a focus on the Rugby World Cup 2019 I found the Japanese for the rugby fan quite funny, though I skipped through some of the difficult looking parts I ll go back to those I really like the layout and illustrations It s great for thumbing through, with advice on etiquette, transport, tourism , eating, drinking, and so on, including useful phrases and a very neat illustrated A Z of foods Whets the appetite for Japan Good humoured, interesting and useful.

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Gamba're!: The Japanese Way of the Rugby Fan GAMBA RE is the ultimate guide to Japan and Japanese for rugby supporters visiting for the Rugby World CupPacked with practical information to help English speaking fans make the most of their trip Text by prize winning Japanese translators Angus Turvill and Etsuko Okahisa Fully illustrated by award winning Harry Venning Ingeniousexcellentanyone heading to the tournament would be wise to snap up a copy Rugby World Magazine Contents Japanese for the rugby fan buy a snack, find your seat, forecast the result, comment on play, cheer your team oneven question the judgement of the referee everything you want to say in the stadium, in Japanese Food and drink finding places to eat and drink, illustrated A Z of Japanese food, essential language for restaurants and bars Accommodation what to expect, what to say and how not to miss breakfast Venues getting there, hints on local tourism and where to go next, as well as suggestions for omiya ge Japanese souvenirs Transport the great world of the Japanese train, and the refined arts of getting off a bus and out of taxi Etiquette avoid a diplomatic incident in the street, on the tatami and in the bath Deciphering Japanese words let s face it, it s good to be able to read at least part of a menu AND plenty