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Foundation Mathematics for Computer Science: A Visual Approach John Vince Describes A Range Of Mathematical Topics To Provide A Foundation For An Undergraduate Course In Computer Science, Starting With A Review Of Number Systems And Their Relevance To Digital Computers, And Finishing With Differential And Integral Calculus Readers Will Find That The Author S Visual Approach Will Greatly Improve Their Understanding As To Why Certain Mathematical Structures Exist, Together With How They Are Used In Real World ApplicationsEach Chapter Includes Full Colour Illustrations To Clarify The Mathematical Descriptions, And In Some Cases, Equations Are Also Coloured To Reveal Vital Algebraic Patterns The Numerous Worked Examples Will Consolidate Comprehension Of Abstract Mathematical Concepts Foundation Mathematics For Computer Science Covers Number Systems, Algebra, Logic, Trigonometry, Coordinate Systems, Determinants, Vectors, Matrices, Geometric Matrix Transforms, Differential And Integral Calculus, And Reveals The Names Of The Mathematicians Behind Such Inventions During This Journey, John Vince Touches Upon Esoteric Topics Such As Quaternions, Octonions, Grassmann Algebra, Barycentric Coordinates, Transfinite Sets And Prime Numbers Whether You Intend To Pursue A Career In Programming, Scientific Visualisation, Systems Design, Or Real Time Computing, You Should Find The Author S Literary Style Refreshingly Lucid And Engaging, And Prepare You For Advanced Texts

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    This book is mainly for those who need a broad refresher over some commonly used math concepts in CS This book was well written and I enjoyed reading it.Just know what to expect Don t get this book thinking it s going to give you in depth examples or go in depth on the concepts I

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    This book is great for anyone wanting a refresher of some mathematical concepts from a previous class, like calculus or discrete math It is not an introductory book by any means although it is marketed as such The author teaches mathematical concepts in an interesting and engaging way

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