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Great Pubs of London An updated and expanded edition of the best selling Great Pubs of London, this book features new pictures and additional pubs For centuries the pub has been an essential part of Londons cultural and social fabric This beautifully illustrated book takes readers through the doors ofhistorically and architecturally significant London pubs Through photographs specially commissioned for this project, readers can explore these institutionsfrom snob screens tohundred year old flagstone floors Engaging texts highlight what makes each pub so special, their place in Londons history, the personalities who have frequented them, the events that occurred inside, and the ways pubs have contributed phrases such as on the wagon and one for the road to the modern lexicon This book reveals why the Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden earned the nickname the Bucket of Blood, and features a pub that Charles Dickens described as a great rambling queer old place Further, the book muses over the chances that Casanova paid a visit to The Dog and Duck in Soho, and uncovers the location of Charles De Gaulles favorite wartime watering hole These and other amusing anecdotal histories make this fascinating and luxuriously illustrated book a must have for anyone with a love for the good old London pub

About the Author: George Dailey

George Dailey has than forty years of experience in the food and drink industry One of the pioneers of the modern English gastropub, he continues to run successful destination inns in Oxfordshire

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