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The Restoration of Paintings Rare Book

  • The Restoration of Paintings
  • Knut Nicolaus
  • 21 October 2019
  • 3895089222

About the Author: Knut Nicolaus

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Restoration of Paintings book, this is one of the most wanted Knut Nicolaus author readers around the world.

13 thoughts on “The Restoration of Paintings

  1. Lilyband Lilyband says:

    The used version was like new and my bro in law lived it saying it gave far mire info that most restoration books

  2. Customer Customer says:

    Very useful and informative book on how to restore paintings.

  3. S. J. Williams S. J. Williams says:

    This is a wonderful book encompassing all aspects of painting restoration across a wide variety of media I m a student of art history, not a practitioner of this craft, but this very readable book is an essential companion to serious study in this area.

  4. M D M D says:

    Very good book, well depicted ,and good explanation , but not for novice If in field or very good connoisseur, great

  5. dream factory dream factory says:

    An absolutely wonderful book A highly informative dissertation on the conservation and restoration of paintings This visual book covers all the aspects of the art of restoring paintings, canvases, panels, varnishes, backgrounds, etc Detailed chapters include types of damage blanching, craquelure, fallout, separation, fissures, infestations etc their analysis, and most intiguingly the various methods of repair..Full of before after projects, macro photos, and extraordinary procedures.There is a whole chapter on the formation of various wood, its structure, composition, and properties The paint layer chapter is unbelievable.This is the smaller but not a small book version of the bible by the same author Knut Nicolaus translated from german Oh sure there are whole masters programs and detailed technical journals relating to the art of restoring art If you are into the world of art you will not be disappointed with this book.

  6. Ron O Ron O says:

    This is the bible for art restoration Tells you what the complications are and what to expect It is almost scary to read in places not for the faint hearted But it sure makes you respect professionals in this field The only fault is the book needs a cross reference for supplies attainable in the US similar to the German products it lists Perhaps the Smithsonian could help Very interesting reading even if you never touch a painting.

  7. Texibelle Texibelle says:

    I read this book when I was applying for a graduate program in the restoration of easel paintings I needed to get a broad but also reasonably in depth overview of types of damage to paintings and restoration and preservation techniques, and this book was great for that It thoroughly covers all types of damage to paintings on panel and fabric support, along with corrective and preventive techniques As I mentioned before, it covers a whole range of areas while still giving them sufficiently in depth attention There are tons of color illustrations that are invaluable in helping you understand what they re talking about I didn t rate it five stars for two reasons 1 it frequently describes the use of specialized equipment used by restorers, and if you re not familiar with this equipment it can be kind of difficult to completely follow what they re describing, and 2 it also doesn t have the most up to date information Not that the information that is there is out of date by any means, but if you re interested in cutting edge restoration theory, this book is not going to have it But from what I gather, this book is one of the most highly regarded in the restoration field the faculty of the program I applied to keeps it on hand as a reference book Also, be warned if you re looking for information on wall paintings, this is not going to have it It just covers panel paintings.

  8. SmallShoe SmallShoe says:

    This is a text book with every aspect of restoration If you are looking for a quick fix for a painting this book is not for you But if you are like me, an artist wanting to repair and refurbish an old painting for a client then this book is perfect I ve found the history of restoration interesting especially the segment talking about using saliva Imagine spitting on a priceless work of art to restore it too funny.

  9. Eleanore Avery Eleanore Avery says:

    Artist uses as guide for restorations.

  10. Michael Hester Michael Hester says:

    Best available on the subject

  11. April Marie April Marie says:

    This is the ultimate book for restoration work

  12. L. Brooks L. Brooks says:

    More information than I ll ever use Very thorough

  13. Alfred Marinelli Alfred Marinelli says:

    good book

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