Michael Stipe: Our Interference Times: a visual record

  • Michael Stipe: Our Interference Times: a visual record
  • Michael Stipe
  • 21 May 2017
  • 8862086784

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Michael Stipe: Our Interference Times: a visual recordThe quality of the actual book is lovely but the contents are ok We went to Michael s talk at the Royal Academy I think only buy if you are a fan of his For half of his life, Michael Stipe has lived in a world between worlds, a constantly shifting moir pattern The past world is defined by the analog, the future world by digital It was the advent of digital technologies and their integration into our daily lives someyears ago that hurled us headfirst into this tumultuous in between state Visually speaking, the present doesn t know what it wants to be Our current horizon and all that wanders there is dictated by both the past and the future, but there is no clear understanding of where the right now stands It is an epic, woozy mishmash, thrilling and unsettling These states of being don t communicate well there s no clear point where they mesh, and no agreed upon language exists to easily translate one into another or to integrate them into a new system altogether The tug of war between pixels and halftone, between past memory and new memory, and their vagaries of representation, is an endlessly fascinating and technically challenging field Our Interference Times a visual record is about that its moir patterns, its signal to noise, its interferences, its consonances and dissonances, its jittery disruptions, and the extreme present tense that we re enveloped in It is all changing before our eyes with or without our acceptance or agreement How does one find agency within all of this And so it is a confused and odd landscape that we are working to navigate For Michael Stipe, we are moving closer to something that visually represents nature, perhaps even understands nature better But the path to that appears to be the opposite, something man made and destructive Where will this lead us The images included in this book serve as a road map to a place that, although right before us, still feels very far away I ve been buying Mr Stipe s photography books for the last 20 years This one certainty is his most confident although his previous publications have been great accomplishments.He has a natural propensity to be able to express, encapsulate and capture visually these perfect conscious moments of perceived beauty. As an R.E.M fan, I was intrigued by the advance praise this book received, highlighting Michael Stipe s position at the forefront of alternative culture in the mid 80 s and 90 s The photos that comprise this monograph are sometimes interesting, often forgettable, and fairly homogenous Blur, distortion, and repetitive patterns found in everyday surfaces like sidewalks or buildings are found in abundance Not moved by any single image, I was hoping at least to feel something from the accumulation of the photos I didn t.I m a fan of Douglas Copeland also and assumed that the author had contributed text to accompany Stipe s photographic work Unfortunately, that s not the case He seems to have been a collaborator in some other capacity.If you can find the book used and cheap somewhere, consider itif you re an R.E.M completist.

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