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Wherever You Go There You Are Warmth, Humor, Anecdotes, And Poems Make Up This Inspirational Guide To A Revolutionary New Way Of Being, Seeing, And Living Exploring Principles And Practices Of Mindfulness, Dr Kabat Zinn Has Taught This Two Thousand Year Old Buddhist Method Of Relaxation To Thousands Learn How To Capture The Present, To Live Fully In The Moment And Reduce Anxiety, Achieve Inner Peace, And Enrich The Quality Of Life Let This Be Your Guide To Mindfulness Meditation In Everyday Life This is a brilliant book It really gets across the spirit and essence of mindfulness If you re currently exploring mindfulness and want to find out , then this book gives you than just sit for 10 minutes focusing on the breath If you need some evidence of the authors wisdom, watch some of his lectures on youtube. A beginner wishing to meditate and create mindfulness into my existence Loving the first two chapters I avidly read in, however found the middle of the book over complicated and way too wordy, I found myself mindlessly drifting I will return to chapters and revisit highlighted points of interest however had I thumbed through this on a bookshelf I may not have purchased and moved on to something else, which unfortunately is the downside to electronic purchases Expensive and waffle I love this book very much It has been remarkable for me.I heard a meditation from it and it was my favourite, so i bought the book.It is the truth It helps you get in touch with yourself.However, like so many others of this genre, the author keeps bringing his wife and children and family life into the text, which is totally inappropriate in a self help book many many people dont have a wife husband children family life, and dont want to have those old fashioned, limiting ways of living shoved in their faces when they re trying to learn about mindfulness It is annoying and distracting, and hence it dropped stars.Be objective if you re going to write a book i didnt want an autobiography It s egotistical and at times the author s ego is definately there.The meditations however, are so wonderful The book s worth it for them definately.

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