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Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God Being Close To God Means Communicating With Him Telling Him What Is On Our Hearts In Prayer And Hearing And Understanding What He Is Saying To Us It Is This Second Half Of Our Conversation With God That Is So Important But That Also Can Be So Difficult How Do We Hear His Voice How Can We Be Sure That What We Think We Hear Is Not Our Own Subconscious What Role Does The Bible Play What If What God Says To Us Is Not Clear The Key, Says Best Selling Author Dallas Willard, Is To Focus Not So Much On Individual Actions And Decisions As On Building Our Personal Relationship With Our Creator In This Updated Classic, Originally Published As In Search Of Guidance, The Author Provides A Rich, Spiritual Insight Into How We Can Hear God S Voice Clearly And Develop An Intimate Partnership With Him In The Work Of His Kingdom

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    All aspects excellent

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    The author is quick to admit that pastoral visits are to do with what is God s will for my life than almost any other issue He looks with a consistent approach at all the issues and takes the reader on a journey with a relational God.Willard looks at the wide variety of issues surrounding hearing from God every method, every scripture and then grounds himse

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    I m not going to go into this book in minute detail, as I have a tendancy to talk forever, ask anyone that knows me Instead, I ll just say that the Dallas Willard writes with a humble attitude, and a care for God s people He writes with a rare insight I don t know him, but from what I know of Him through this book, I would be sure that he wouldn t mind me saying that

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    From the opening challenge to the end summary Willard s words draw the listener in and seek to cause us to respond Willard has a way of putting his finger on the kind of questions many normal Christians ask highlighting our own sense of inadequacy and need for guidance and discernment Hearing God encourages us to have a Biblical, intelligent approach to our relationship with Go

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    I had come to a dry place in my Christian walk when I got this book It brought me closer to God and got me spiritually fired up again

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    Hard not to give proper credit to Dallas Willard As always, those that put the effort and apply themselves to understand what Dallas presents here reap a harvest of profound truth and understandings Not for light reading, but for discipleship learning The true sheep know and hear The Good Shepherd s voice.

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    Insightful and encouraging Dallas Willard at his best Explaining the Holy with relevance and without gimmicks or oversimplification My giving the book only four stars is because the kindle edition is of the 1999 book, while there is an Updated smile and have the added study questions thoughts If it s important to have the book on your kindle for ease of access and portability, then the electronic edition i

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    What a wonderful concise synopsis of what hearing God is like any, just as helpfully, what it is not like WIllard s Spirit of the Disciplines was a very helpful book to me several years ago, and I can say the same for this one This book has launched for me a comprehensive study through Scripture on the topic of prayer and hearing from God Willard does a great job of emphasizing that a conversational relationship wit

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    Are you kidding me If those who read this and reviewed saying that it was too hard or difficult to follow had been allowed to post regarding C.S Lewis, we might never had read him OF COURSE Dallas Willard is is SCRIPTURE But if one asks God s guidance while reading he or she will find that this is positively the work of someone who has practiced the Christlike art of hearing God over a lifetime.Second only to the

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