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Living with the Himalayan Masters What can be said of this book Suffice to say that this is one of the greatest spiritual classic of all times delivered by swami Rama by the grace of his master ,eternal babaji of the Himalayas.It is true that the book speaks to each reader at the personal level and the reader may find the presence of Himalayan sages through its pages.This is a book which you may like to read again and again.swamiji has narrated his experiences andEvents of his life of 45 years I.e.his life beforeHe came to west He tells us about ,how he was broughtUp in the Himalayan caves,and how he was taught by thesages.The book is the record of some of theseexperiences. In This Inspirational Collection Of Stories, Swami Rama Relates His Experiences With The Great Teachers Who Guided His Life, Including Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Sri Aurobindo, And Ramana Maharshi It Documents Swami Rama S Spiritual Quest, Which Showed Him That Direct Experience Is The Source Of Real Knowledge A very interesting read heavy at parts if it is the first of its kind you have read but a beautiful introduction into the theory behind yoga eastern philosophy Swami Rama, a great master from Himalayas, takes us to spiritual journey which is filled with wisdom, fun and reminding us that even the great masters had to face the challenges of fear, sorrow as faced by common man Only difference is they had courage to rise above the challenges and gain complete freedom from pain and misery.Swami Rama is very honest about talking about his own weaknesses and humble to give credit to his Master Bengali Baba for his all accomplishments If you enjoy Autobiography of Yogi, you will enjoy this as well. I liked the analytical appraisal it provided a self aware writing of the memoirs of spiritual discovery within the Himalayan tradition reflecting very realistically human doubts and cynicism or the obstacle of a skeptical mind.These revelations of the life of the great sages can at times can be somewhat phantasmagoric and difficult to take in nevertheless the experiences become believable, plausible and small glimmers of inspiration on what must truly be the fifth dimension of understanding and far from our ordinary lives It provides the crumbs to want to know much a persuasive gift of insight It is purely descriptive however, and there is minimal guidance on how to in what might well be described as occult practices For good reason these are not imparted Thank you Swami Rama despite the good and the not so good that has been said of you Still reading it and getting so much from it Lots of information and good guidance for a spiritual path So glad he put it out there for us. I m not qualified to know or say how important this book is in the Yog Traditions or canon, but it enhances my life considerably every time I pick it up There is a simplicity to the wisdom here that surpasses most attempts at spirituality and sagacity. Too long winded Very good read

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