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The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible Jacobs is highly committed, well informed he knows the Bible better than most believers, and far far better than the hard line atheists but above all is kind sympathetic and non judgemental He did not become a practicing Jew or a Christian but has written a book that both Jew and Christian can enjoy and profit from.He probably didn t intend it, but one thing I took away from this book by subtraction as it were was an insight into the spiritual life of an agnostic New Yorker Like peering into a ghastly abyss.I also suspect that God hasn t finished with Jacobs yet God is not lightly called the Hound of Heaven After His Hilarious Chronicle About Reading The Encyclopedia Britannica From A To Z Actually A Ak To Zyweic , Our Fearless Author, A J Jacobs, Tackles A New Intellectual Adventure, An Exploration Of The Most Influential Book In The World The Bible He Determined The Best Way To Explore The Bible Was To Live It, As Literally As Possible For One Year There Are Rules In The Old And New Testaments, A J Discovered Some Wise, Some General, Some Contradictory Some From Jesus, Some From Prophets, Some From God A J Assembled A Board Of Spiritual Advisors Rabbis, Ministers, And Priests, Some Conservative, Some Of Them One Four Letter Word Away From Excommunication , Who Would Provide Guidance And Advice Throughout His Journey But The Journey Was, By Necessity, Arbitrary DIY Religion In The Year Of Living Biblically, A J Explores The Bible Chronologically, From The Old Testament Crucial, Given The Commandments To The New Testament Crucial, Given America S Powerful Evangelical Movement And Its Literal Interpretation Of The Bible And Lives The Bible On Every Level He Obeys The Commandments, He Is Fruitful And Multiplies A J S Wife Had Twins During His Year He Remembers The Sabbath And Keeps It Holy But He Also Obeys The Oft Neglected Rules, Such As Avoiding Clothes Of Mixed Fibers And Refraining From Shaving The Edges Of His Beard Leviticus So, Throughout The Year, A J Is Commonly Mistaken For A Member Of ZZ Top Or Moses This Is A Look At Religion Today Through One Man S Totally Arbitrary, Deeply Funny, Journey In A J S Hands, The Year Of Living Biblically Is Also Fascinating And Irresistible I loved this book i thought it was really clever and well written it s an american writer who decides to spend a year of his life living biblically, and examines some of the wackier aspects of the bible, as well as most of the well known tenets It s a thoughtful and respectful look at the bible, and at religion in general Whilst it s clear where the writer s own personal views are, he s not overly derisory about the beliefs of others, even when they don t float his boat and you can tell he thinks they re questionable I thought this was funny in places, though mainly thought provoking all the way through I would have loved the book to be longer, and for him to have examined of the bible in the same kind of way I would definitely read books by this author, and plan to look for some of his other publications. Very interesting read which raises a fascinating viewpoint on what many would see as an outdated Biblical approach to living The author ends with some interesting conclusions I d recommend this to Christians and Jews alike as a fresh outlook on ancient questions. I began this book following a conversation with a work colleague At first it was fascinating but gradually it became too introspective Consequently I simply read after halfway only the subject days that caught my eye So basically interesting but also somewhat tedious. A really funny, but warm book about one guy s mad idea to spend 12 months, following every commandment, law and instruction in the Bible.Along the way, he visits a Jewish cult, a fundamentalist snake handling church and tries to work out if he really should stone his neighbour Lots of laugh out loud moments but not in a mocking faith way I think it was a real spiritual journeyand three cheers to his long suffering wife who tolerated the whole thing Loved it. A.J did something remarkable, sacrificed 12 months of his life to something everyone should do I was saddened at the end of the book when he finished his project, sent Bible away and probably engaged in something else I was hoping he would developfaith But it is a personal matter not to be judged What makes this book fantastic is that he actually did it He performed his project honestly and diligently that s why this book is worth reading especially for people that believe in God and want to submit to God but find hard and awkward in today s modern world think how modern this world felt in i.e 1800the Word Of God does not expire and does not go out of date. I really enjoyed this book and have since recommended it to others It is an easy read and had me both laughing out loud and thinking deeply.Jacobs treats his subject with sensitivity and good humour, which was a welcome approach This sort of book could very easily have become a vitriolic and mocking look at Biblical laws, however instead Jacobs attempts to look behind to the possible motivations Yes certain laws are viewed as rather bizarre, but any poking fun at these seems to be done with affection.I personally am a Christian and found some of Jacobs insights into the Bible to be very profound, it made me reconsider some Biblical passages in a new light However I do not think that being religious or non religious would have any impact on your ability to enjoy this book.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible book, this is one of the most wanted A. J. Jacobs author readers around the world.

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