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All of These People: A Memoir During His Years Of Reporting From The World S Most Savage And Turbulent Regions, Fergal Keane Has Witnessed The Violence Of The South African Townships And The Terror In Rwanda, The Most Extreme Kinds Of Human Behaviour, The Horror Of Genocide, And The Bravery Of Peacekeepers Faced With Overwhelming Odds As One Of The BBC S Leading Correspondents, He Recounts Extraordinary Encounters On The Front Lines Alongside His Often Brutal Experiences In The Field, He Also Describes Unflinchingly The Challenges And Demons He Has Faced In His Personal Life Growing Up In Ireland Keane S Existence As A War Reporter Is All That We Imagine Frantic Filing Of Reports And Dodging Shells, Interspersed With Rest In Bombed Out Hotels And Concrete Shelters Life In Such Vulnerable Areas Of The Globe Is Emotionally Draining, But Full Of Astonishing Moments Of Camaraderie And Human Bravery And So This Is Also A Memoir Of The Human Connections, At Once Simple And Complex, That Are Made In Extreme Circumstances This Audiobook Is Filled With The Memories Of Remarkable People At The Heart Of Fergal Keane S Story Is A Descent Into And Recovery From Alcoholism, Spanning Two Generations, Father And Son A Different Kind Of War, But As Much Part Of The Journey Of The Last Years As The Bullets And Bombs

8 thoughts on “All of These People: A Memoir

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    Beautifully written with honesty and humour could just imagine listening to his voice

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    moving, thoughtful, well written almost flowing poetry at times Diving in and out of Fergal s personal insights, like waves lashing then lapping the shores A brilliant read Well recommended to anyone who reads with passion and an open mind.

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    Fergal Keane pulls no punches in this detailed look into his life as a foreign correspondent as well as a touching account of his relationship with members of his family especially with his father

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    Loved the honesty of this book

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    Nice book well written and moving i paces, a nice insight into his personal life too.

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    Superbly written Offers a great insight into the life and work of this award winning journalist and the experiences he has had Regarding Rwanda it covers with dignity the horrors of the conflict ignored and forgotten in the main by the West.

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    I love Fergal Keane s writing, his humanity and honesty in laying bare his feelings and weaknesses, his style of writing appears effortlessly and yet he gets to the heart of his subjects My only regret when reading All of These People was that I came to the last page too soon.

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    Amazing book

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