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Dramatized Audio Bible - King James Version, KJV: Complete Bible: Holy Bible, King James Version (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Thomas Nelson, uncredited, Thomas Nelson: Audible Audiobooks I enjoy the dramatized audio KJV very much I normally listen to the audio bible whenever I am driving, I m home painting or working on a craft project. This has to be the Rolls Royce of Audio Bibles It thrills my soul All 66 books of the Holy Bible are read with great sensitivity and love Unlike the old Alexander Scourby classic rendering which I also love this is a much relevant reading as the readings are spoken by multiple readers, both men and women We hear streams and background music The words are the glorious sounds of the one and only Authorized Version or also known as the King James Version Friends, it does not get much better than this, In fact, it doesn t These are the words of life, the very words the Lord Gave to His people, Israel and the, in the New Testament, the Christian Church This is no ordinary book but rather the inerrant Word of God I am not a Ruckmanite I do not claim for the KJV itself inerrancy or double inspiration only that this rendering of the Hebrew, Chaldee and Greek is the best translation in the English language and there is no need for any other God has blessed this translation to the salvation of countless souls This is the Bible of the Church of England, the Puritans, George Whitefield, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, Arthur W Pink and countless other God fearing evangelists and soul winners Along with the Book of Common Prayer of Archbishop Cranmer and John Bunyan s The Pilgrim s Progress as well as the works of William Shakespeare, these are the handful of unparalleled works that framed the development of the modern English tongue But nothing can compare to the words of Holy Scripture for this is the Word of the LORD Thanks be to God May God bless the people who created this wonderful audio CD version of the King James Bible and move upon them with abundance and grace This is truly one of the most joyous and delightful purchases I have ever made Let s keep the Holy Bible on CDs and not phase it out for MP3s and downloads.Words fail me to describe the majesty, awe and dignity of this wonderful rendering of God s Word May the God of Jesus Christ use this great work to the salvation of many souls Great is His faithfulness to the children of men For Those Who Value The Timeless KJV Translation, This New Audio Recording Of The Complete Bible Offers A Rich Listening Experience Featuring Top Voice Talent Enhanced By Original Music And Sound Effects, This Audio Bible Brings The King James Version To Life World Class Narration, A Fully Orchestrated Background, And Colorful Character Renderings Engage The Ears, The Imagination, And The Heart It S Ideal For Drive Time, Exercising, Or General Listening. Awesome Kjv is the best version I think the narrators should have been instructed to slow down the rapid fire verbal machine gun approach to conveying God s word I found this shortsighted method of producing a CD set very offensive and disrespectful to the living word.I have purchased a Zondervan product in the past and was very pleased with the production quality These narrators were a bad choice and quite honestly sounds like they were hyped up on something Very disappointed that Zondervan would take part in such a poor production.Upon listening to about 50% of the CD set I had decided enough is enough Very frustrating to listen to God s words are living words and intended for contemplation, meditation, and absorption into our beings It is quite clear that the devil had his way with this butchering of God s precious word. This is VERY EASY to listen to I listen while I m cookingfolding laundrysewingcleaning things that allow my mind to hear while my hands are busy.The case that holds the 64 CD s is very well made, not flimsy at all It s also easy to slide the CD s back in, so they don t get scratched as you re trying to slide them in It s also bookmarked really well, so you can quickly return to precisely where you were last listening.It s dramatized, simply meaning different voices, with some appropriate tone, but not melodramatic and not sure exactly how to describe this you are able to focus on the passage you don t feel like you re listening to any ordinary regular audio book story And there s a constant and unobstrusive music going on in the background It doesn t distract, but rather, it enhances concentration for long passages that aren t narrative in nature.The audio sample here on is excellent, and a very good representation For what it s worth, my former experience was Alexander Scourby s voice deeply resonating No offense if you love Scourby, as his voice is arguably without peer, but it didn t propel me along..And then I found this one Zondervan has really out done themselves producing this highest quality KJV audio Bible I am immensely grateful for the effort put forth I purchased another audio bible series and it was suppose to be very dramatic by a experienced actor It was one person talking very fast all the way through I couldn t handle the speed with which he talked I purchased this product and it is beyond excellent There is an introduction to each of the books and history behind it Many different actors and sound effects for each different person in the bible I love love listening to this audio version and the background music The cost was beyond reasonable especially for how wonderfully it Is dramatized GREAT PRODUCTION Okay seriously The beginning with Genesis Catch your breath The telling of God s historical account here is amazing I love this version of telling the history of Mankind even in our worst hours then We need to hear it good, bad, and awful God s word pulls no punches, and I m grateful for that THIS IS THE VERSION YOU WANT THOUGH You can possibly settle for the NKJV if this is just too old school for you, but For those of us out there who know why we listen or read KJV Ya ll get it. Just Do It SUPER, AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.Finally got through the whole bible in just a few months, not even a whole year.To from work, great idea to build yourself up, know the word, listen to it, and lend it to others too.

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