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Patient Zero (Joe Ledger Book 1) This isn t the usual zombie fodder I enjoy reading, but thought I d welcome a change But the book felt ragged to me, with the main character s character not in keeping with the way he was originally portrayed I didn t find him likable And the bad guy banker of the plot Meh The ending, in his case, stretched my belief.Perhaps there were too many players to engage with, but I found myself skipping ahead, hoping something would happen to intrigue me because the action wasn t balanced with the plot That said, essentially well written and edited 3 stars. When You Have To Kill The Same Terrorist Twice In One Week, Then Theres Either Something Wrong With Your Skills Or Something Wrong With Your World And Theres Nothing Wrong With My SkillsPolice Officer Joe Ledger, Martial Arts Expert, Ex Army, Self Confessed Brutal Warrior Is Scared The Man Hes Just Killed Is The Same Man He Killed A Week Ago He Never Expected To See The Man Again, Definitely Not Alive, And Definitely Not As Part Of The Recruitment Process For The Hyper Secret Government Agency The Department For Military Sciences But The DMS Are Scared Too They Have Word Of A Terrorist Plot Straight From A Nightmare A Bid To Spread A Plague Through America A Plague That Kills Its Victims And Turns Them Into ZombiesTime Is Running Out And Joe Has Shown He Has The Abilities They Need To Lead One Of Their Field TeamsAnd So Begins A Desperate Three Part Mission To Contain The Zombie Outbreaks, To Break The Terrorist Cell Responsible And To Find The Man In Their Own Team Who Is Selling Them Out To The TerroristsPatient Zero Is Astonishingly Fast Moving, Incredibily Violent And Down Right Terrifying Thriller A New Breed Of Thriller Of Techo Thriller That Plays On Our Fears Of Mad Science Patient Zero flagged as a recommendation on after I boughtTurn Coat Dresden Files 11 some time ago After reading the synopsis I dismissed it as a dumb action horror novel all mindless gore and guns.The recommendation reappeared after I bought Chris Farnsworth s extremely enjoyable Vampire Espionage cross overBlood Oath highly recommended and definitely not a Twilight or Tru Blood cash in This time there were some readers reviews to go with the synopsis, and these suggested that contrary to appearances there was to Patient Zero than a muscle bound hero blowing away Zombie hordes The fact that Nick Brett, whose reviews I generally trust, thought it a fun read made me think twice and so I took the plunge.I am very glad I did, because Patient Zero is not at all the sort of book I was expecting Even with the positive reviews I was still thinking it would be a mash up of a Matthew Reilly novel, all frenetic but implausible action, and Romero s Living Dead movies I pretty much dismissed reviewers reference to Michael Chrichton as overly excessive praise It turns out that, whilst I still can t really see the similarities with Chrichton s work, Patient Zero is very far from being just action and zombies It is a proper, adult thriller with a relatively complex plot, some decent characterisation for the genre and at least a stab at making the science behind the zombies or Walkers as the book calls them sound plausible.There is plenty of action of course some of the most intense and best written I have come across in a while One seemingly last, desperate stand by the book s heroes was so tense that I literally felt impelled to keep turning the pages to find out how it ended The story as a whole in fact, has a feel of constant forward momentum that keeps you gripped from start to finish, but avoids being a headlong rush of constant action that just becomes wearisome There are plenty of quieter moments, allowing Maberry to give key characters a little depth or provide some necessary exposition.I ve not read any of Maberry s previous novels so can t compare them to Patient Zero, but he s obviously a writer with some talent Structure, descriptions and dialogue are all first rate and as I ve said before he s a great writer of clear but ferocious action He does go slightly OTT on the emotional analysis from time to time and as another reviewer has pointed out some of the cod psychobabble he throws in just feels out of place, but these are minor quibbles.There are also some significant holes in the plot he has come up with, with characters making decisions that simply defy logic if you think about them too much and conspiracies that are far too overly complex, but such is the book s momentum that these pass you by whilst you re reading it Just don t think too hard about it afterwards.The final act is also a little messy After the bavura Alamo style last stand two thirds of the way through anything less was going to feel like a bit of an anticlimax, but the final series of events simply has too much going on, with parallel plot threads being tied up simultaneously and numerous threats to be taken care of Although its never gets confusing its doesn t really flow either.Its not enough to really detract from all the great stuff that has gone before however, and overall Patient Zero is than deserving of four stars If I didn t have a stack of other books to read I d probably be ordering the next book in the series,The Dragon Factory, right now As it is it is going straight to the top of my wishlist. Confieso una cosa mi sue o como escritor es conseguir escribir una novela como Patient Zero de Jonathan Maberry Publicada en 2009, en mi opini n es lo m s parecido a un blockbuster de Hollywood que puedes encontrarte en un libro Fren tica, f cil para qu negarlo , con personajes arquet picos pero que no parecen de cart n piedra y las gotas necesarias de zombies, gore y suspense para hacer una historia pr cticamente redonda.Es un best seller y no tiene reparos en decirlo, pero hace falta saber escribir, y muy bien, para conseguir hacer un best seller que resulte cre ble Maberry lo ha conseguido no solo con esta, sino con el resto de novelas de la serie, protagonizadas por Joe Ledger, uno de esos personajes tipo soy el m s duro pero tengo corazoncito que en unas manos m s incapaces habr a resultado tan imposible de creer que habr as dejado el libro a un lado.Quiz no guste a todo el mundo, pero a m me ha encantado Si quieres una lectura sencilla y sin complejos para este verano, te recomiendo que cojas tus palomitas y comiences a leer desde ya la historia del paciente cero Estoy seguro de que no te defraudar Pros 1 Interesting subject matter2 Decent plot3 Good dialogue4 Like the perspective shiftsCon 1 Main character needs flaws, its no fun if he cant lose2 Consult a firearms and martial arts expert, some of the nonsense ripped me right out of the immersion Excellent action story Gritty and intelligent Surprisingly, the dialogue is quite decent.There s a point in the novel where the protagonist, Joe Ledger, has a heart to heart talk with his psychiatrist friend Explores the horror of living with the knowledge of the looming apocalypse Oh, the horror The only annoying part of the plot is the capitalist villain Could pass for one of James Bond s silly adversary. Patient Zero was lots of fun to read, but on the other hand it did not encourage me to read any in the Joe Ledger series.The depth of the characters was a little shallow, and even Joe himself is pretty standard tough guy who survives and can lead men with his toughness.Good book for a fast fun read. Have you ever wondered what you would get if you took all the Micheal Chricton novels, the X Files, The Marvel comics and the works of Dan Brown, put them in a blender, and seasoned the resulting pulp fiction with a whole bunch of cocaine Well, you would most likely get a large pile of shredded paper, and possibly arrested for the cocaine if you weren t careful If you were lucky though, you might just get the Joe Ledger series.Im not going to pretend that these are novels with much literary merit to them They will not challenge you, you will not find life changing story arcs, or even many characters with any real dynamism What you will find is pure story telling at it s finest and most outlandish, action that rips past you at the speed of light, sucks you in, and refuses to let go.I really reccomend these, I dived into patient zero while looking for a good zombie book and I am glad I found this series Daft, silly, and great fun. This book is what is best described as every cliche out of an action film, ever, in book form It s not exactly literary genius, but it isn t poor as some books I have read on recently have been.Ultimately if you want something trashy to fill a few hours, this is perfect It s entertaining, quite straight forward, and a lot of fun Reminds me some what of the Clive Cussler books in that sense and it does a perfectly good job.Patient Zero tells the story of the DMS, Department of Military Science, who take on a terrorist trying to create zombies as a bioweapon for an attack on America I did not realise that this was the first in a series of books about the main character, so my initial expectation was that it would go in a World War Z fashion, but I still really enjoyed it nonetheless I do recommend it if you re looking for some simple action writing.

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