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Dark Enchantment (Paranormal Erotic Romance) Dark, sexy and erotic paranormal romanceJanine Ashbless brings you breathtaking tales of lust and magic, dark fantasy and even darker desires An unearthly stranger who pursues a newlywed on her Mediterranean holiday, an opera production where emotions run out of control, and a ghost who wants one thing only from the descendant of her murderer are just three of the seductive and stylishly written stories that will tease, tempt and transport you to fantastic realms where dreams, fantasies and nightmares can come true I thought that Janine Ashbless had pushed the boundaries as far as she could go, in her collection of erotic stories, CRUEL ENCHANTMENT I was wrong In DARK ENCHANTMENT, this wonderful writer goes further In CRUEL ENCHANTMENT, Janine unashamedly confronted the taboos of bestiality and necrophilia In DARK ENCHANTMENT, she moves the goal post, easily tackling incest, degradation, humiliation and the cruellest and sexiest bondage scene I ve ever read BDSM at its most extreme The stories in this collection are no less dark and compelling than in CRUEL ENCHANTMENT they are exotically erotic, pornographic if you prefer, and wildly, wildly sexy In Scratch, Nicholas Scratch comes calling He s not a welcome visitor, at least not welcome by Maarten, the owner of the prosperous farm His wife, Mercy, has told him I have a past She has made Maarten promise he will not question her about it He complies, but is bewildered by his wife s submissive behaviour to their handsome visitor She kneels at Scratch s feet her humility is confusing and Maarten is angered He is humiliated when Scratch takes Mercy to the marital bedroom, telling Maarten he is going to have sex with her This is a tale of degradation, buggery and adultery, as Maarten is ordered into Scratch s game of violation and depravity Despite himself, Maarten experiences a wild sickening arousal He succumbs to the Master s demands There is never a question of not obeying I think that The Red Thread, is the best story that Janine has written It s a story of love, sex, lust, betrayal and death It is also wildly erotic Asterion, is condemned to live for ever in the labyrinth He is a monster, half man, half bull His conception is the result of his mother s depraved copulation with a bull He is the Minotaur He is secretly visited in the dark labyrinth, by his wilful young sister, Ariadne She seduces him into an incestuous relationship with her Finally she betrays him, and Asterion is killed This is the first Minotaur story I have read, that shows Asterion in a sympathetic light In the myth, which has been told, and retold so many times, the Minotaur is a creature to be feared and despised Janine sent me a link to a story by the Spanish writer, Jorge Luis Borges Borges too, tells the Minotaur story, from Asterion s point of view Both he and Janine, show a depth of compassion to Asterion, which is quite overwhelming I must stress though, that it is not necessary to be familiar with, or have read, the ancient Greek myths to appreciate and understand this story Janine s story stands on its own Similarly with another story in the collection Ruby Seeds It s an old myth cleverly retold Alluring, at times scary, and very sexy This is another story which stood out for me In Darkling I listen, Janine talks to us about the idea of stories Stories within stories A young woman tells a story to a ghoul Her rhythmic language draws us in to a tale of love and death Sex and death A choice of whether to abide in the city of the dead, or the city of the living The Scent of Hawthorn, tells a story of Knights of Olde Laying down your life for a cause Herrick is a big man, a knight, tired and war weary His final quest is to restore a village, shattered by a rebellious dryad a tree woman Herrick tells the broken villagers tales of war and glory He convinces them, and convinces himself that he will be successful and the village will prosper once He leaves for the forest on foot, but he has underestimated his adversary The dryad has him spread and bound She tortures him and despite his shame, the knight realizes his penis is erect and he suffers the ecstasy, and the final humiliation, of her violating him She forbids him to come he does, and that seals his fate From an ancient Minoan civilization, Janine moves to the paranormal present day From a past, rich with dryads, knights and deep woodlands, to a prosperous homestead, Janine s stories are brimming with lust, sex, betrayal, and death, as she skilfully draws out our darkest fears and desires Janine goes beyond mere fetish, exposing our fatal flaws and secrets She takes our hidden fantasies, holds up the mirror, and reflects them back to us We thought we were safe with our little depravities The stories whisper the unspoken things the obscenities we nurture, yet deny Janine s stories are cathartic and we are compelled to listen. Janine Ashbless is one of the writers to cite whenever your non erotica loving friends suggest it s just filf innit Yes, there is sex, and the sex is hot, and often deliciously transgressive, but you don t have to love erotica to love these stories though it obviously helps.Ashbless possesses the art of making elegant, lucid prose appear effortless Within a few sentences, you are drawn into whichever era, alternative reality or mythological realm the story inhabits every detail is calculated to convince.Highlights for me include the fever dream of the final performance in Pique Dame the biker from the underworld in Ruby Seeds the chilling and very chilly ghost of Cold Hands Warm Heart and the insatiable ravisher of Scratch However your tastes tend, I suspect there will be at least one story in here to tempt you.I strongly recommend that you brave the darkness to find the enchantment. I ve read Dark Enchantment slowly over the last few days, but if I d had a choice I would have sat, consumed by it til it was finished Thankfully Wildwood just arrived through the door this morning.The first word that always strikes me as I read Janine s work is courageous The stories in this collection interweave myth and fantasy beautifully with fierce, passionate sex They re gripping, they re scary, they immerse you in thier varied worlds, while still owning their own very different scenarios Ruby Seeds is a perfect adaption of the Persephone myth, I can t imagine anything better.Read this, and get drawn in to the frightening, evocative, creative and thoroughly erotic atmosphere Janine doesn t pull back from the edge, she takes you right up to it.I love this book.

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Dark Enchantment (Paranormal Erotic Romance)
  • Janine Ashbless
  • English
  • 15 May 2019

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dark Enchantment (Paranormal Erotic Romance) book, this is one of the most wanted Janine Ashbless author readers around the world.

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