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I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts On Being a Woman I am very disappointed in this book disappointed I actually paid for it I simply cannot relate It is not funny, not vaguely interesting and has not offered me any insights I only finished it because I thought surely it will get better It didn t Don t waste your money. Wickedly Witty Crackling Sharp Fireworks Shoot Out Of This Collection The Boston GlobeLong Overdue Executed With Sharpness And Panache Nora Ephron Retains An Uncanny Ability To Sound Like Your Best Friend, Whoever You Are It S Good To Know That Ms Ephron S Wry, Knowing X Ray Vision Is One Of Them The New York TimesWomen Who Find Themselves Somewhere Between The Arrival Of Their First Wrinkle And Death Have To Hear Only The Title To Get The Message Los Angeles TimesWry And Amusing Marvelous The Washington Post Book WorldLots Of Good Jokes, And A Wonderfully Amusing Read A delightful, amusing and witty collection of essays which highlight some of the joys and problems of a being a woman in the 21st century At the end I felt I knew Ephron, and would love to have met her I found the articles echoed some of my own experiences and thoughts, but the ones I enjoyed most were those which revealed her feelings about two presidents, JFK and Bill Clinton Although clearly an American writer, describing essentially New York life, her writing resonates with many women facing up to the inevitability of aging At times hilarious, sometimes quite thought provoking How sad that she is no longer with us who knows what other gems she might have produced Definitely a great idea for a Christmas present for your women friends. interesting insights into the mind of screen writer, Nora Ephron Successful New Yorker on living in the Big Apple, ageing, marriage, or rather divorce, food and losing your best friend. Nora has been my idol for many years This book does not disappoint A humorous but truthful take on life past 40 The jacket cover blurb doesn t do it justice If you are feeling down, read it if you are feeling hacked off by younger folk, read it if you are in a quandary as to where your life is heading, read it but if you feel bad about your neck, you have to read it.A must read for anyone heading over the age of 40.Thank you Nora for this and so many wonderful landmark moments.RIP Nora.Rosie Jones Hopeful screenwriter This collection is like sitting down with a really good friend you haven t seen for ages It s full of wisdom and humour Totally charming and not a lazy sentence in it. This was a very enjoyable read Nora speaks for probably every woman of a certain age If any of you are feeling depressed about your neck or anything else that s getting you down about aging, I recommend this book Since getting older sucks, but is inevitable, it s best to have a look at the funny side of things It s amazing how much better you feel when you realise we all have, or less, the same issues, challenges as well as blessings Time out for a good laugh is a real tonic Thank you Nora and rest in peace. Probably best appreciated by the over 50 s, this book is especially poignant now that the author has died just last month aged 71 Nora Ephron, well known through writing the screenplays for When Harry Met Sally and You ve Got Mail among many others, writes hilariously about motherhood, children, relationships, and the angst of discovering that with age comes the horror not only of your changing neck but the betrayal of your entire body from failing eyesight to unwanted body hair She advises younger women to appreciate their bodies while they still have them but wisely concludes What s the Alternative The short chapters are random, and the topics jump about from living in New York to the author s love of cookery but I loved the wit, wisdom and humour of all of it.

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