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The Night Watch: (Night Watch 1) (Night Watch Trilogy) This novel blew me away on first reading If you have seen the film, which is good in its own way, forget all about it, and just enjoy The film focuses sort of on the first 3rd of the 1st of 4 Watch novels, and barely scratches the surface of what Lukyanenko has accomplished here.This book has nothing whatsoever in common with either the Harry Potter books, or the Twilight series, to which it is often lazily compared Set in present day Moscow, the narrative follows the life and fortunes of Anton Gorodetsky, who quickly learns of the existence of Others and the mysterious Twilight Gloom Plunged into a whole new world both parallel and around our own world, Anton learns how to control his new powers, enlists in the Night Watch, and begins to learn of the eternal struggle between the Light and the Dark.The he learns, the less certain he is about everything, what the real difference between Light and Dark is, and whether he has picked the correct side.Read this, read all of the follow ups, and love them all a superb work of art. Walking The Streets Of Moscow, Indistinguishable From The Rest Of Its Population, Are The Others Possessors Of Supernatural Powers And Capable Of Entering The Twilight, A Shadowy Parallel World Existing In Parallel To Our Own, Each Other Owes Allegiance Either To The Dark Or The Light The Night Watch, First Book In The Night Watch Series, Follows Anton, A Young Other Owing Allegiance To The Light As A Night Watch Agent He Must Patrol The Streets And Metro Of The City, Protecting Ordinary People From The Vampires And Magicians Of The Dark When He Comes Across Svetlana, A Young Woman Under A Powerful Curse, And Saves An Unfledged Other, Egor, From Vampires, He Becomes Involved In Events That Threaten The Uneasy Truce, And The Whole City I seem to remember a lot of hype about this book when it hit the shelves a few years back, so my expectations perhaps were a bit on the high side So I couldn t help but be a bit disappointed.I don t know if that it was that the style passed me by or that something was lost in translation but I found this book sent me to sleep most nights within 20 pages I found the actual confrontation scenes anticlimatic, and in general there was too much hanging around in the shadows philosophising with not an awful lot going on The bad guys seemed to be easily bested at every turn and just not that bad and the good guys though a likeable bunch with some interesting individuals with potential failed to really grab me Then the story itself sort of lurched along like a tiring zombie till it just shambled to a stop.In summary it just lacked oomph I do not usually like read fantasy or horror but was recommended The Nightwatch, read it, ordered all four titles from and now can t stop rereading them Aside from the themes of New Russia, magic, romance, I love Gesar and Zabulon s intriguing, like Master Cold War spies.So glad I read the books before I saw the film as I would never have read them the film is so different.The Nightwatch is now one of those books that I love to give to friends. Not bad, but not great either It seems to be trying too hard as if the author wanted to write an epic piece but got it confused with his draft for a doctor who episode The tone will switch from attempting to discuss Big Events and Important Things to some random music lyrics, it all just feels a bit jarring.It suffers from some character inconsistency too there s several classification of people who are supposed to be great ones, whose machinations control events, whose will can not be defied, yet are 9 times out 10 reduced to just other characters.Overall it s worth a read but don t be expecting brilliant stuff. This story is set in a slightly shifted version of our world but set in Moscow Anton is part of the Night Watch which consists of the magicians and supernatural creatures which are committed to doing good Opposing them, is the Day Watch which consists of those people and creatures wishing to do evil, or at least not to have to consider doing good There is a balance which is the result of a treaty which means that if good is done then evil is entitled to perform a comparable but opposite act and vice versa.The novel consists of three interlinked short stories all with Anton as the main character and revolving around the machinations of both sides in their attempt to get ahead and to tip the balance without breaking the treaty This often involves influencing innocents or people who are just coming into their powers The structure works fine and the setting is interesting too I haven t read too many books set in modern Russia and the descriptions of ordinary life and references to the Soviet era definitely enhanced the reading experience for me.I did, however, find the book a bit long on philosophy and a bit short on action Anton s slowly awakening understanding that the clear difference between good and evil that he thought he understood was mistaken and that each side may act in ways that are unexpected to reach their goals was a bit too laboured to me I would have liked to see magic I m not sure that I will bother seeking out the rest in the series. I came across this book when I was being very confused about things about good and evil I just typed a random thought into google, something like the good and evil are balanced, the world is as much evil as good can be in Chinese and then a similar match came up in The Sixth Watch, the Chinese google book version At first I thought it was just some popular trash novel to be shrugged away with based on the author s translated name and its cheap outlook, but then I read a few sentences and I was amazed, it had the je ne sais qua of a very profound and encaptivating novel and I couldn t wait to read it all The first one of the series is really fascinating, Sergei has a style of a true Other What can I say Now my head is full of these things It is interesting than the ethics books, I must say.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Night Watch: (Night Watch 1) (Night Watch Trilogy) book, this is one of the most wanted Sergei Lukyanenko author readers around the world.

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