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Respectable Sins (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Jerry Bridges, John Haag, christianaudio.com: Audible Audiobooks Keep going back to this book As Christians, We Believe That All Sins Are Considered Equal In God S Eyes Yet While Evangelicals Continue To Decry The Big Ones Such As Abortion, Adultery, And Violence We Often Overlook Deceptive Sins It Seems We Have Created A Sliding Scale Where Gossip, Jealousy, And Selfishness Comfortably Exist Within The Church In Short, Some Sins Have Simply Become Acceptable Acclaimed Author Jerry Bridges Believes That Just As Culture Has Lost The Concept Of Sin, The Church Faces The Same Danger Throughout, Jerry Encourages Victory Over Personal Sin Through The Gospel S Transforming Power This Release Is Perfect For Listeners Who Long To Thoughtfully Examine Their Lives And Discover A Deeper Walk With God. Brilliant book Used it with the study guide in our church home group Would highly recommend as described, prompt service, many thanks Important stuff for Christians to get their head around Too many Christians relying on small sins being negligable.Would recommened thoroughly. This is well written, and very convicting He is very clear in outlining the sins that we have tolerated It is encouraging, too though, and he shows us how we can root it out. I ve not finished the book yet, but so far I m loving it Learned lots of new stuff just in the first 3 chapters. Recommended this by a friend.what a readsoul searching and hopefully life changing Well written and definitely worth buying As a Christian, I have read several books dealing with many issues But Jerry Bridges takes you into a journey where you keep looking at the sins which are hidden to the world but so rampant in our hearts and lives.At several instances, I had to close the book and ask God to forgive me and continued reading Since then , I have given this book to a few and they too have been profoundly blessed.Please do buy it for yourself, for your friends, for your family and experience Gods transforming grace in your life if you deal with all these sins.Very highly recommended.

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