Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth (Audio

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Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth (Audio Download): Rick Riordan, Jesse Bernstein, Penguin Books Ltd: Audible Audiobooks If you ve never been charged by an enthusiastic Cyclops wearing a flowered apron and rubber cleaning gloves, I m telling you, it ll wake you up quick I m going to start of by saying you would never, ever find me in the Labyrinth That things sound scary Not so much the monsters you encounter, but the fact it s forever changing and alive in some ways.I absolutely love this series and this book definitely did not disappoint.I thought I d completely called a twist after a certain dream scene of Percys and was all chuffed with myself then was absolutely gobsmacked when the actual twist turned out to be even impressive.Riordan is just a brilliant writer Even in pretty dire situations he seems to find a way to bring humour into it without taking away from the seriousness of the situation I was also really glad we got to see Rachel Elizabeth Dare again I mean, we only met her very, very briefly in the last book but I had a feeling we d be seeing her again and I m glad it was so soon and in such a big way One thing I could of done without was the nearly superficial love triangle that Percy found himself in I mean, him and Annabeth had enough problems getting together with Luke and mass drama of nearly dying every page without another problem but it worked weirdly enough in the end.I finished this book to only go straight onto the next I just couldn t wait to find out what happened So, having made an enemy of a son of Hades last Christmas, Percy Jackson must be hoping that the new year is a lot better than the last, right Well, if he is, he s a fool A game of capture the flag leads to the discovery of an entrance to the mythical Labyrinth, and thus a back door entrance into camp Which certain enemies, like say Kronos, Lord of Time and King of the Titans, may use to destroy the camp.And so, another adventure begins for Percy and his friends, who must delve into this maze of wonders, terrors, monsters, friends, foes, and everything else inbetween Including a monster who really needs to up her personal hygene levels and a friend who has arms than you can count.In this, the penultimate volume of the series, Riordan neatly sets up his dominoes, while also making the story fun, exciting, and compelling to read Like the rest of the series to date, you won t be able to put this book down which I learned the hard way. how many people do you know that can control nthe ocean or are half god my guess is none this book is thrilling with endless twists turns and red herrings fun with great characters i love the chemistry between two of the chracters and i hope they get together on the book 5 if i could pick a favourite moment it would be the council of the cloven elders at the end, no spoilers i really hope that people carry on enjoying this book it is good for ya s and people of all ages, just try not to get lost in the labyrinth daedalyus will shock you so be warned a rip roaring adventure from start to finish This is the fourth adventure in the Percy Jackson series that starts with Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.Percy is a boy who happens to be half god, or a half blood as people like him are known His father is Poseidon, king of the oceans, and because of him Percy can control the waters and the things that live in the water.When Percy first discovers about his half blood origins he is at Camp Half Blood, a summer camp for heroes of the new Olympus Olympus is alive and well in the 21st Century and situated in a magical quantum way in and around America, the new seat of world power.Each book unfolds a quest which Percy and his friends must go on to save the world, and the Olympian Gods from destruction In this volume, the power of Kronos, the evil Titan Lord grows even stronger, and he sends his hordes through the new version of the minotaur s labyrinth to try and destroy Percy, his friends and all they stand for.I love these books My children love these books They are funny, clever and ingenious I love the way Rick Riordan marries the classic Greek myths to the modern world and makes the stories fit so seamlessly it appears as if they were meant to be like that all along I love the fact that as well as being complete page turners, the stories are thoughtful and the characters are well developed The overarching plot line of Kronos and his dark army is inspired, and makes each quest rich and interesting to read about than if they had been standalone adventures.There is one book to go in this series, and my children and I cannot wait to read it together I ve been reading the books out loud to my six and ten year olds and they actually beg me for chapters If my voice would hold out all day, they d have me reading all day Wonderful books. Another wonderful book in Percy Jackson series.Writing was simple yet amazingly gripping and full of entertainment Sarcasm and humor dripping through every page Exciting battle, tricky situation and thrilling adventure kept me on the age This series defines fast pace perfectly and I loved the plotIt started with first day of school, just orientation day, and Percy s luck was twisted by fates, AGAIN He met vampires with mismatched legs and a redheaded girl, Rachel who could see through mist and to whom he met in previous book at Hoover dam After running away from burning music room of the school Percy arrived at camp where he learnt about wine dude s replacement, met Tyson yayy he s back , received Iris message sent by mysterious person from which he learnt the sinister plan of Nico, and had nightmarish dreams that told about Luke and Kronos plan to attack on camp half blood through the labyrinth.One life threatening prophecy, 4 friends in the darkness of labyrinth, maze with traps that might turn you mad It was exciting to see how they were going to stop Luck s army of monsters on their way to camp.First of all, it was fun to see Tyson once I loved this book because of him only He has grown smarter and braver Grover was in tricky situation with his deadline for finding Pan that led him to the place he dreaded most, the confines of underground and that s too with Tyson It was amusing to see Tyson and Grover work together.Rachel was quirky She was surprisingly brave, calm, easy going even in deadly situation I literally laughed when she attacked with plastic hair brush Who needs celestial bronze when you have a hair brush I always liked Nico, even though he was bit off the track I liked how he learned about his sister s wish and how it brought change in him I felt for him It was so unfair being son of Hades and I agreed with Percy s thought about it.Percy was as usual fab He was wonderful friend and brother with heart of gold and clever mind He was package full of wits, bravery, and right conscience Poor Percy was troubled by girls around him first Annabeth, Rachel and then Calypso It was cute to see jealous Annabeth She was great in the book Her feelings for Luke was confusing and I could feel the frustration of Percy Both of their feelings were genuine and I can t wait to see development in their relationship.What I loved was, world building and myth The world was interesting Structure of maze, traps, and monsters in it Giving the maze life and mind of its own was made the plot brilliant Deadalus might be crazy for creating this outstanding structure The story of eternal chase between Daedalus and Minos was gripping and enlightening I loved to meet different Greek gods in each installment This time our hero met Hera, Hephaestus and Pan who helped in their quest and gave godly lessons Not just that but we meet older monsters, monster with bad anatomy, and older kids of Gaia.There were many insightful messages in the book How intelligence, greed, vengeance comes with deadly price, how it brings loneliness and bitterness in life that makes you do terrible things and gives no peace even after death there is no way to cheat death even after many millennia how being clever is not enough, one must be wise as well no dark magic can bring back those who are gone, it only disturbs the peace of the spirit Oh, and animal rights activists and environmentalists will be happy by this book.It was wonderful blend of Myth, modern world and lifelong lessons.Climax was surprising Even though this was my reread, I couldn t guess the identity of Daedalus Kronos s plan was shocking and I was mesmerized by Pan s words I enjoyed battle scenes and loved the end with two surprise visits Can t wait to read final book in this series Overall, I just loved it It is perfect book for fans of Greek Mythology, adventure, and witty characters. Bought the whole series of Percy Jackson for my 12 year old son who liked a lot all 5 books including this and read them during a relatively short time When he finished the Harry Potter series he was in trouble what to read next so we picked these for him I am glad we did because the story is good and engaging, adventurous enough for a young boy plus it teaches some about acient greek history which is a bonus really I would definietly recommend it. The fourth incredible adventure in the Percy Jackson series is now available to download, complete and unabridged, on audio Honestly, blowing up another school was the last thing I wanted to do As the son of a Greek god, I ve had my share of near death disaster This summer, I didn t choose to battle the cheerleading squad, but when two hissing she devils with fangs are heading straight for you, what s a half blood meant to do That was just the beginning This is the one where my arch enemy, Luke, is looking for a way to invade our camp via an ancient labyrinth If he succeeds, thousands of bloodthirsty monsters will attack So it s goodbye sunshine, hello darkness as four of us descend into the terrifying underground and beyond

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth Audio Download: Rick Riordan, Jesse Bernstein, Penguin Books Ltd: Audible Audiobooks book, this is one of the most wanted Rick Riordan author readers around the world.