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The Art of Meditation Wherever He Goes, Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard Is Asked To Explain What Meditation Is, How It Is Done And What It Can Achieve In This Elegant, Authoritative And Entirely Accessible Book, He Sets Out To Answer These Questions Although Meditation Is A Life Long Process Even For The Wisest, The Art Of Meditation Demonstrates That By Practicing It On A Daily Basis We Can Change Our Understanding Of Ourselves And The World Around Us In This Brilliantly Inspiring Book, Matthieu Ricard Talks Us Through The Theory, Spirituality And Practical Aspects Of Meditation He Illustrates Each Stage Of His Teaching With Examples, Leading Each Reader Deeper Into Their Own Practice Through His Experience As A Monk, His Close Reading Of Sacred Texts And His Deep Knowledge Of The Buddhist Masters, Matthieu Ricard Demonstrates The Significant Benefits That Meditation, Based On Selfless Love And Compassion, Can Bring To Each Of Us

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    The best book on meditation I have ever read Explains everything in depth but with such simplicity and, in particular, helped me to understand the illusory concept of the ego self I d strongly recommend reading right to the end because, in my opinion, it gets even better as it goes along.

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    One of the greatest books I have read for long time I have originally borrowed it from a public library but I could not part with it so I have bought one the reading has brought peace in to my soul, I have regain my inner harmony and calm after experiencing difficulties in my life I would definitely recommended this book.

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    I like the book, however I would put Mindfulness Meditation or even Inner Calm in the beginning of the Chapter 3, as they are easier to start with Other than that, it s a good and easy read Even though the author says that he didn t want to write a book, I quite like his style, as looks pretty wise, but not boring.

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    A great introduction to the benefits and practicalities of meditation I had only toyed with meditation prior to reading this it completely changed my attitude and approach Now meditation has become an important part of life and I am very grateful for the benefit it brings.

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    The best description of how to meditate that I have ever read, and I ve read a few This would be a good textbook for schools.

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    Excellent book on meditation I have lots of books on meditation but this one is the clearest and explains lots of different ways to meditate.

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    Clear, simple, easy to read information about meditation Mathieu Ricard is a Buddhist, therefore he writes primarily from that perspective However, I don t think that this detracts from his message, to non Buddhists An interesting and informed insight into the methods of meditation.

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    Great book and great messages

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