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Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan From The Only American Journalist Ever To Have Been Admitted To The Insular Tokyo Metropolitan Police Press Club A Unique, Firsthand, Revelatory Look At Japanese Culture From The Underbelly Up At , Jake Adelstein Went To Japan In Search Of Peace And Tranquility What He Got Was A Life Of Crime Crime Reporting, That Is, At The Prestigious Yomiuri Shinbun For Years Of Hour Workweeks, He Covered The Seedy Side Of Japan, Where Extortion, Murder, Human Trafficking, And Corruption Are As Familiar As Ramen Noodles And Sake But When His Final Scoop Brought Him Face To Face With Japan S Most Infamous Yakuza Boss And The Threat Of Death For Him And His Family Adelstein Decided To Step Downmomentarily Then, He Fought Back In Tokyo Vice, Adelstein Tells The Riveting, Often Humorous Tale Of His Journey From An Inexperienced Cub Reporter Who Made Rookie Mistakes Like Getting Into A Martial Arts Battle With A Senior Editor To A Daring, Investigative Journalist With A Price On His Head With Its Vivid, Visceral Descriptions Of Crime In Japan And An Exploration Of The World Of Modern Day Yakuza That Even Few Japanese Ever See, Tokyo Vice Is A Fascination, And An Education, From First To Last Despite some excessively long parts in the first half of the book, when Adelstein is describing his early days as a reporter in Japan, this book is a gripping read, especially in the second half, when he gets deeply involved in investigating the sordid and murky world of the yakuza The key question is, is it all true , as the book presents itself as autobiography not fiction Many people on the web have questioned Adelstein s credentials and reliability, but they may just be his yakuza enemies trying to discredit him he was of course a crime reporter in Japan, but the question is whether it is the plain truth or embellished or exaggerated for the sake of a good book I must warn readers that the book does not have a happy ending, but ends with an account of a very brutal murder which made me feel physically sick The ending really hits you like a punch in the stomach, though you can see it coming far ahead If this account turned out to be not true, then I would feel very exploited by the book If the book is all true, then Adelstein must be an extremely damaged person as a result of his experiences, and I feel sorry for him and his family. Really well written and very hard to put down I have lived and worked in japan for a short while so I get of a sense of things, perhaps It illustrates the good side and the bad side of Japan and how difficult it is to get your head around how the Japanese really think I don t buy everything he puts in the book as it seems a bit author biased to me, but its a good read and informative but don t take everything too literally Its a story as well as an auto biography Aringato Jake San. I found this to be a fascinating absorbing read It is not a book wholly about the Japanese organised crime syndicates, commonly known as The Yakuza but about Jake Adelstein s life in Japan from the time he takes the entrance exams to become a journalist, his working life as a police beat journalist and through this, how he finds out and uncovers various stories about the crime syndicates themselves.Adelstein details various aspects of Japanese culture especially how he is treated as an American Jewish guy working in Japan and the way things are done by a journalist with regards to talking to police officers and making friends with them and therefore cultivating very useful sources of information so much so that he becomes very close to one of them, who he sees as his mentor and adviser when his life and that of his family is being threatened because he uncovers a story relating to a Yakuza boss going over to the US to get a liver transplant.He mentions his work and family environment and the various sleazy locations he had to investigate, as well as mentioning the Lucie Blackman murder, the human trafficking problems in Japan, loan sharking and various other criminal activities the Yakuza are involved in as well as how corporate these gangs have become.I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about true crime because it has extremely interesting details about crime in Japan in general as well as the Yakuza and how it is structured although I must stress, it is about Adelstein s life as a journalist rather than an out and out book on Yakuza but this makes it is entertaining and easier to read I think it would interest people who would like to read about Japanese culture because Adelstein talks about work and personal relationships, the media and areas of Japanese criminal culture that are probably not covered in travel guides or history books.Adelstein s life in Japan is certainly an interesting one and he writes about it very well keeping the reader engaged and interested Certainly worth reading.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan book, this is one of the most wanted Jake Adelstein author readers around the world.

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