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Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings Jade is pretty certain that she has just experienced the most humiliating moment ever when she gets her first period in the mall, she has to enlist her dad for help, since her mom disappeared a year ago That s nothing compared to later that night, though, when she sprouts a tail in the bath, and her father explains to her that her mom is a mermaid who petitioned to become human No one was sure how their offspring would develop, but Jade s tail growth pretty much cinches her mermaid status She quickly decides to hide her condition from her hunky new crush, but she will use her new abilities to find her missing mother, who was abducted in hopes that she would tell imprisoned merfolk the secret of her conversion so that they might follow suit Despite the jocular title, there s a hefty dose of darkness in the fantasy, especially surrounding Jade s mother s savage kidnapping and the physical torments of her transformation On the other hand, Jade s tone is an accessible mix of bluster, insecurity, and sincerity, and the story makes menstrual embarrassment, mermaid abductions, and true pesco sapien love all simultaneously plausible and deserving of reader sympathy In true young teen fashion, everything is exclamation point style dramatic, from the horrific change from mermaid to human to Jade s emphatic assertions about trying on bathing suits Offer this quirky novel to readers who love mermaids but wish that they were occasionally less flowy and perfect and real Bulletin of the Center for Children s Books Bulletin of the Center for Children s BooksThis was a short cute book, and I loved the mermaid explanation That was really original and it almost made me believe it could be true So here the author really thought about how and why there are mermaids Recommendation and final thoughts A yes there, this is something young girls would enjoy First there is mermaids, cool, the crush, and issues with friends The paranormal and the down to earth things all young people go through The Book Girl of Mur y Castell The Book Girl of Mur y CastellEverything about Hlne Boudreau s latest release was wonderful The characters were likable, the plot was somewhat unique, and the outcome, although slightly predictable, was completely satisfying I was hooked from the first page, and pleased when I flipped over the last one Overall, this is one book you just can t miss Its a fun and quick read, and even comes with Jade s recipe for scrumptiousMinute Chocolate Mug Cake in the end Icey Books Icey BooksHelene Boudreau s Real Mermaids Don t Wear Toe Rings surprised the heck out of me It was funny with snappy dialogue, poignant in its quirky coming of age portrayal, and totally engaging in its frank yet corny depiction of the protagonist s struggles with puberty, relationships, and dealing with her mother s loss Even though this novel is geared towards a middle level female audience, it is a very engaging and an immensely entertaining romp The ending was almost as fun as the start, with an unexpected twist that left me smiling and completely satisfied Eating YA Books Eating YA Booksan absolutely charming book Jade s voice was well articulated, strong, and often comical I Just Wanna Sit Here And Read I Just Wanna Sit Here And ReadThis coming of age tale sorry, I couldn t resist the pun has a lot that tween teen girls can relate to friendship drama, crushes, puberty body image issues with a fantasy flair and a bit of mystery to boot Chrissie Morrison, Tween Librarina Great books for Tweens Boudreau has woven an exciting tale of mermaid mythology and growing up a witty, fun, and humorous novel with many cute lessons to learn The Bookologist The BookologistI loved this book I don t want to spoil very many of the plot points, so I ll just gush about Jade instead She makes the book She has a great personality and she s very down to earth, but she also suffers from some very pesky issues with her self confidence Real Mermaids Don t Wear Toe Rings is a fun read, with mystery, suspense, and lots of danger I liked the characters, I thought the premise was great, and I enjoyed reading along as Jade gains confidence in herself and comes to terms with who and what she is I hope that there will be a sequel, because I would love to learnabout Jade and I look forward to spendingtime with her Manga Maniac Cafe Manga Maniac CafeReal Mermaids Don t Wear Toe Rings not only is an extremely quick, adorable, and funny read, but it s also the perfect cross over between tween and YA lit, so that truly anyone in those two groups can read it and have a high chance of enjoying itThe premise of this was pretty great, and the execution was even better Lauren s Crammed Bookshelf Lauren s Crammed Bookshelfa cute mermaid book with depth It s a coming of age tale It s a mystery It s a friendship novel It s a first crush story All of these combined make one fun read There s danger, romance, family drama, funny escapades, and sweet moments between a father and his daughter TeensReadToo TeensReadTooHelene Boudreau writes fiction and nonfiction for children and young adults from her home in Ontario Her debut middle grade novel, Arcadian Star, was nominated for the Hackmatack Children s Choice Book AwardADER BIOJen Taylor is a professional actress hailing from Seattle, Washington She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Theatre and quickly jumped into the world of radio Jen performs on stage, in radio and television commercials and on the air as a disc jockey for a Seattle radio station