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Anger: Buddhist Wisdom for Cooling the Flames Thich Nhat Hanh Is A Holy Man, For He Is Humble And Devout He Is A Scholar Of Immense Intellectual Capacity His Ideas For Peace, If Applied, Would Build A Monument To Ecumenism, To World Brotherhood, To Humanity Martin Luther King, Jr, In Nobel Peace Prize Nomination It Was Under The Bodhi Tree In India Years Ago That Buddha Achieved The Insight That Three States Of Mind Were The Source Of All Our Unhappiness Ignorance, Obsessive Desire And Anger All Are Equally Difficult To Control But, In One Instant Of Anger, Lives Can Be Ruined, And Our Spiritual Development Can Be Destroyed Twenty Five Centuries After The Buddha S Insight, Medical Science Tells Us That The Buddha Was Right Anger Can Also Ruin Our Health It Is One Of The Most Powerful Emotions And One Of The Most Difficult To Change Thich Nhat Hanh Offers A Fresh Perspective On Taking Care Of Our Anger As We Would Take Care Of A Baby Crying Picking It Up, Talking Quietly To It, Probing For What Is Making The Baby Cry Laced With Stories And Techniques, Anger Offers A Wise And Loving Look At Transforming This Difficult Emotion Into Peace And For Bringing Harmony And Healing To All The Areas And Relationships In Our Lives That Have Been Affected By Anger This book compliments my Thich Nhat Hanh collection I studied mindfulness on my Uni course and this book was also used to support a recent presentation It truly raises my awareness of self and how to manage my emotions This has been priceless in my journey of self awareness this book is for everyone as it explains how anger can dominate us and the author with his wisdom takes us on a journey through angerand mindfulness which enables us to work with anger effectively where it doesn t dominate us A must read i use for myself and will use for patients clients. I bought the book two years ago and just had the chance to read it I wish I had read it before I am really impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of its messages I absolutely loved it It calmed me whenever I got the book into my hands I will not hesitate to buy the rest of his books Thanks very much Thich Nhat Hanh Thanks for sharing your wisdom Much appreciated In a really simple and clear way show us how different ways of anger affect our lives and how to cool down its hurtful flames It really helped me and my partner The repetition is necessary for many people to facilitate a deeper understanding Second, third and re readings of few passages can be very beneficial.

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