Getting Started in Stock: 2017 Edition of the guide to

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Getting Started in Stock: 2017 Edition of the guide to microstock photography In thisedition, you will find the latest information to help you to make money from your own photos I have included all the knowledge I have gained since I started with stock photography eight years ago How much can you earn I reliably make overa month from the sale of my digital photos and my aim is to get you above that point, as quickly as possible What are my qualifications for this I am just like you a competent amateur who enjoys photography By selling my photos online I have built my earnings from nothing to around , a year by following the steps in this bookThis book tells you everything you need to know about selling a stock photo The early chapters cover the stock industry, how it developed and what you will find now The industry is changing fast and with this fourth edition I wanted to give you access to the most up to date information available on how best to make money from your photographs You will find an overview of how to get started including a full step by step workflow to efficiently manage your images and get them online on the major agencies I then describe the main microstock agencies and the pros and cons of uploading to them, adding any tips that will help maximize your earnings In this new edition, I have included charts and graphs showing exactly how much I earn from each agency and how that has been changing over time to allow you to judge which ones are worth supporting I think you will be surprised how that has been changing over the past couple of years and I doubt if you will find this level of detail in any other book on the subject of stock photography Finally, in the later chapters, I delve deeper into keywording secrets and how to try to get your images displayed ahead of the rest to the buyersWhy wait your photos are only gathering dust on your hard drive make a start now in Stock Photography and sell stock photos to earn some serious money Publisher s note The full color version of this eBook is available as a printable PDF from the author s site BackyardSilver