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The Mammoth Book of Vampires: New edition (Mammoth Books) This is a mostly very good anthology of classic and newer stories Especially liked Barker, Bloch,Campbell,Burke,Copper,Yarbro and last but not least Wellman and Lee Just to name a few of this wonderful cross section of children of the night stories I cant possible understand anyone giving this great collection 1 star Must have had a bad day Ive had some myself Kidding aside, these are as stated above mostly very good vampire tales. A pretty decent spread of vampire fiction some contemporary, some classic , some subtle, some in yer face.It is a meaty tome 27 stories, 2 poems 553 pages , but well worth ploughing through Like all collections, some stories will shake you harder than others For me, the tales by F.Paul Wilson Midnight Mass , Kim Newman Red Reign , Les Daniels Yellow Fog and Howard Waldrop Der Untergang Des Abendlandesmenschen are well worth shelling out for on their own.If you like vampire stories, I think you will find something to your taste in here Pretty good value, too. With such a number of stories at this price, no fan of the genre could really complain Of course, the quality varies, and the need to provide something for everyone means that very few people are going to enjoy it all, anyone who enjoys reading about vampires will get a lot of pleasure for a good price. Good stuff One of the best horror collections I ever read Wonderfully crafted fast pace, page turner that is sure to captivate the vampire story followers The characters are real like and are spellbinding you ll remember them after the book is put away.This is my second copy, my first has disappear through the passage of time I made sure I have a hard covered copy for my library. Great collection of stories by a variety of authors Clive Barker, Robert Bloch, Kim Newman, Bram Stoker, to name a few I liked Midnight Mass, best, the story of a priest, a Jew, and vampires, as it brought up some interesting theology questions I have wondered since I was a kid how Jewish people protect themselves from vampires What a great story The best stories, IMHO, were the novellas at the end, Midnight Mass, Yellow Fog, and, Red Reign There are shorter stories that are great, but the novellas made the book for me There were only two stories that didn t interest me and I skipped That s not bad for such a large book, and believe me, it lives up to its name, it is big A pretty decent collection of vampire stories Chosen by Stephen Jones, these are mostly horror stories, not the girl lusts after nightclubbing vampire in tight pants type of thing Well worth a look for both vampire and horror fans, as an impressive lineup of authors to be found.Mammoth Book of Vampires Human Remains Clive BarkerMammoth Book of Vampires Necros Brian LumleyMammoth Book of Vampires The Man Who Loved the Vampire Lady Brian M StablefordMammoth Book of Vampires A Place to Stay Michael Marshall SmithMammoth Book of Vampires The Brood Ramsey CampbellMammoth Book of Vampires Root Cellar Nancy KilpatrickMammoth Book of Vampires Hungarian Rhapsody Robert BlochMammoth Book of Vampires The Legend of Dracula Reconsidered as a Prime Time TV Special Christopher FowlerMammoth Book of Vampires Vampire Richard Christian MathesonMammoth Book of Vampires Stragella Hugh B CaveMammoth Book of Vampires A Week in the Unlife David J SchowMammoth Book of Vampires The House at Evening Frances GarfieldMammoth Book of Vampires Vampyrhhic Outcast Simon ClarkMammoth Book of Vampires The Labyrinth R Chetwynd HayesMammoth Book of Vampires Beyond Any Measure Karl Edward WagnerMammoth Book of Vampires Doctor Porthos Basil CopperMammoth Book of Vampires Straight to Hell Paul McAuleyMammoth Book of Vampires It Only Comes Out at Night Dennis EtchisonMammoth Book of Vampires Investigating Jericho Chelsea Quinn YarbroMammoth Book of Vampires Dracula s Chair Peter TremayneMammoth Book of Vampires A Taste for Blood Sydney J BoundsMammoth Book of Vampires The Better Half Melanie TemMammoth Book of Vampires The Devil s Tritone John BurkeMammoth Book of Vampires Chastel Manly Wade WellmanMammoth Book of Vampires Der Untergang des Abendlandesmenschen Howard WaldropMammoth Book of Vampires Red as Blood Tanith LeeMammoth Book of Vampires Laird of Dunain Graham MastertonMammoth Book of Vampires A Trick of the Dark Tina RathMammoth Book of Vampires Midnight Mass F Paul WilsonMammoth Book of Vampires Blood Gothic Nancy HolderMammoth Book of Vampires Yellow Fog Les DanielsMammoth Book of Vampires Fifteen Cards from a Vampire Tarot Neil GaimanMammoth Book of Vampires Vintage Domestic Steve Rasnic TemMammoth Book of Vampires Try a Dull Knife Harlan EllisonMammoth Book of Vampires Andy Warhol s Dracula Kim NewmanRoman dead ringer.4 out of 5Summer lovin cut horribly short.3.5 out of 5Humans rule, ok With some AIDS, that is.4 out of 5Rita biter maid.2.5 out of 5Moth problem.3 out of 5Tiny monster.3.5 out of 5Drty woman.3.5 out of 5Media vampires.3 out of 5Crash recovery.3.5 out of 5Ship to shore, we need your blood and gore.4.5 out of 5Stakes are odd, legal, and useful.3.5 out of 5Footballers look tasty.3 out of 5Interloper redux.3.5 out of 5Lost finds tea and vampires.3 out of 5Past life passion.4 out of 5Bloody relative.3 out of 5Band candy.3.5 out of 5Deserted cars.3 out of 5Who cares about those small towns, anyway 3 out of 5Sleepy sucker.3.5 out of 5Post op preservation diet change.3.5 out of 5Draining marriage.3 out of 5Blood music.3.5 out of 5Team up actress takedown.4 out of 5Vampire bustin BYO wooden bullets.3.5 out of 5Witch Queen reflection.3 out of 5Bloodless noble.4 out of 5Packaged bloody dinner.3 out of 5Holy Pepsi a real Jolt for interdenominationally led anti vampire fightback.4.5 out of 5Undeath requires child offering.3.5 out of 5Funeral a ripoff.2.5 out of 5Vampire shorts.3 out of 5Family s a bloody burden.3 out of 5Cut to bits life.3 out of 5Johnny Pop is a Romanian vampire come to the USA He has had a bright idea, selling vampire blood as a drug, and Studio 54 makes a nice base for him, indeed.However, all good things must come to an end Vampire hunters have a job to do as well The taxi driver stood over him There were others, in a circle A crowd ofFearless Vampire Killers The silent nun The black man with woodenknives The black man with the crossbow The cop who d sworn to break theTransylvania Connection An architect, on his own crusade to avenge afamily bled dead by dhamps The aging beatnik from the psychedelic van,with his smelly tracking dog A red skinned turncoat devil boy with thetail and sawn off horns The exterminator with the skull on his chest anda flame thrower in his hands 3.5 out of 5 This large book presents a collection of 29 short stories, all about vampires These tales are by various authors, and date from 1838 through to 1991 Most of the stories are engaging and well written, although a few of them are less impressive Nonetheless, as a collection this is an interesting book offered at a very reasonable price If you re a fan of the horror genre, with a particular fascination for vampires, I highly recommend this item It has also been published as The Giant Book of Vampires.The contents are as follows HUMAN REMAINS by Clive BarkerNECROS by Brian LumleyTHE MAN WHO LOVED THE VAMPIRE LADY by Brian StablefordFOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE by F Marion CrawfordTHE BROOD by Ramsey CampbellHUNGARIAN RHAPSODY by Robert BlochLEGEIA by Edgar Allan PoeVAMPIRE by Richard Christian MathesonSTRAGELLA by Hugh B CaveA WEEK IN THE UNLIFE by David J SchowTHE HOUSE AT EVENING by Frances GarfieldTHE LABYRINTH by R Chetwynd HayesBEYOND ANY MEASURE by Karl Edward WagnerDOCTOR PORTHOS by Basil CopperDRACULA S GUEST by Bram StokerIT ONLY COMES OUT AT NIGHT by Dennis EtchisonDRACULA S CHAIR by Peter TremayneTHE BETTER HALF by Melanie TemAN EPISODE OF CATHEDRAL HISTORY by M.R JamesCHASTEL by Manly Wade WellmanDER UNTERGANG DES ABENDLANDESMENSCHEN by Howard WaldropTHE ROOM IN THE TOWER by E.F BensonLAIRD OF DUNAIN by Graham MastertonMIDNIGHT MASS by F Paul WilsonBLOOD GOTHIC by Nancy HolderYELLOW FOG by Les DanielsVINTAGE DOMESTIC by Steve Rasnic TemRED REIGN by Kim NewmanVAMPIRE SESTINA by Neil Gaiman There S A Lot Of Life In The Undead Yet, And This Collection Proves It The Times ReviewGruesome And Toothsome Tales Of The Macabre

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Mammoth Book of Vampires: New edition (Mammoth Books) book, this is one of the most wanted Stephen Jones author readers around the world.

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