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Once Bitten Leather s style is very readable and clear However, in the early stages of the book, I found the LAPD officers to be very stereotyped and the dialogue cliched Also the humour was spoilt by repetition I had problems in that the main character seemed not to fit quite with his occupation Terry, however is lovely and almost fancied her myself The story develops well, and I enjoyed the latter part immensely, especially the attempt a scientific justification Good ending and a satisfying read, as long as you duck under the earlier cliches and over used humour I have no hesitation in recommending the read, which is massive good value. Stephen Leather Is One Of The UK S Most Successful Thriller Writers Before Becoming A Novelist He Was A Journalist For Than Ten Years On Newspapers Such As The Times, The Daily Mail And The South China Morning Post In Hong Kong Before That, He Was Employed As A Biochemist For ICI, Shoveled Limestone In A Quarry, Worked As A Baker, A Petrol Pump Attendant, A Barman, And Worked For The Inland Revenue He Began Writing Full Time In And His Bestsellers Have Been Translated Into Than Ten Languages He Has Also Written For Television On Such Shows As London S Burning, The Knock, And The BBC S Murder In Mind Series And Two Of His Books, The Stretch And The Bombmaker, Were Filmed For TV His Ebooks Have Spent Than Six Months On The UK Kindle Top And For Several Months He Had Four Titles In The UK Kindle Top You Can Find Out From His Website, Stephenleather Badly written, clich d book Could not finish it The book reads like the author churned it out in a day or so It is filled with stock scenarios the protagonist s emotions feel very contrived It is a paranormal book, but even for the genre, very badly written Do not bother with this, my only relief is I paid only less that 2 for it.I have read other books by the author especially the Nightingale ones, but this was just plainly badly written Every author is allowed a dud one, but this had put me off him permanently. Easy read Interesting enough to keep going A slight twist on the usual vampire story at the end Would only appeal to vampire fans but I guess you d know that from the title I like Stephen Leather and applaud his ventures into different fields away from the Spider Shepherd novels at which he excels.This novel is ok But it s just another vampire story revamped at the end of the day I enjoyed the modern US background and the hard bitten detective background.all the way to the 95% mark when I thought I d had it cracked.but I didn t and the tale sort of fell apart..but I ll continue reading Mr Leather s novels as I think he s a damn good writer.and hope he continues experimenting..good stuff I hadn t read any of Stephen Leather s work before this, and I doubt I ll be buying any The writing was OK clich d and basic, but not actively bad , the story had promise but it all went nowhere Plot holes remained unresolved, the characters were rather two dimensional, and what should have been the big twist felt like of an inevitability.Given the number of five star reviews, I was hoping for better but you can t always trust five star reviews, can you. Reading the synopsis of Once Bitten by Stephen Leather, I anticipated this to be a crime fiction novel Jamie Beaverbrook is an English psychologist helping the Police Department in LA His knowledge and experience has enabled him to create a software program that can help decide if a murderer is sane or insane The story follows a case where a girl is discovered standing over a body with it s throat ripped out and blood all over her.While the crime scene and it s prime suspect seem to obviously hint that she s not human, I expected this to be a serious crime book, where Jamie Beaverbrook has to disprove a Vampire theory While the story was well paced, well written and intense in parts, I was disappointed to discover very early on that it was of a fantasy book and it seemed a bit of a let down when Terry, the murder suspect, was in fact not human and there was no twist.Although I enjoyed Stephen Leather s writing style and found it to be an entertaining read once I d accepted that it was a fantasy Vampire story rather than the crime fiction I hoped for, the story and characters were a little unbelievable Jamie was described as being a little worn and exhausted by his divorce and death of his newborn baby, looking significantly older and worse for wear than he really was Terry, however, was described as young and beautiful, as well as being immortal, wealthy and with special abilities While we re supposed to wonder if Terry s feelings are genuine or if she has ulterior motives, the whole relationship seems a little far fetched Terry seems too willing to spill the details of her lifestyle and her Vampire community to someone employed by the LA Police Department.The story itself was easy to read and, despite my criticisms, I read continuously from start to finish The major downside for me, and many others judging by reviews, was the ending It was so anticlimactic and although it leaves you wondering what might have happened, it seemed a bit of a cop out by the author It was an average read while it had excellent potential, it just didn t seem well executed. I have read quite a few Vampire books now, and this one was good but not nearly as good as others It felt like it dragged for certain bits, too much information and not enough action The title leads you into a false sense of security, you think your going to get lots of romance, blood and action, but the picture painted of the main character had me thinking all the way through that there is no way this young girl could have fallen in love with him I started it and almost didnt carry on as I was getting bored and not connecting with the chararcters but stick with it if only to satisfy your curiosity It did end very frustratingly, you still dont know if there was the proverbial happy ending or not, so after all said and done I would read the sequel, if there is going to be one Anyone know Looked on Stephen s website and no information.

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