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Are We Nearly There Yet?: A Family's 8,000-Mile Car Journey Around Britain Disastrous Five Month Trip Around Britain With Two Small Children The Object To Write A Travel Guide The Bookseller, Th April Mad Cap Five Month Tour Of Britain It Turns Out Not To Be Quite The Odyssey They Had Expected The Bookseller, Th May Ben Hatch Makes Me Laugh John CleeseA Voyage Of Pain, Suffering, Argument, Baby Wipes, Discovery And Utter DelightNever Travel In A Car With Children Without This Book By Your Side Sir Terry WoganA Funny, Touching Cross Country Jaunt That S As Much About Being A Kid As It Is About Being A Grown Up Danny WallaceA Wonderful Book Hilarious And Moving, All At The Same Time Highly Recommended For Anyone With A Family, A Car Or A Sense Of Humour Sophie Kinsella This Is About A Living, Loving, Occasionally Quarrelsome But Clearly Very Happy Marriage And It Felt Curiously Life Affirming To Read About It Its Very Warts And All, Extremely Funny, Very Human And Very Sad If You Liked One Day Or Just Like Good Books In General, Dont Let This One Pass You By Jenny Colgan Funny, Touching And So, So, True To Life The Must Read Of The Year Mike Gayle Refreshing, Insightful, Very Funny Joanne Harris A Wonderful Book Terribly Moving And So So Funny Richard Briers Brilliant Outnumbered In A Car I Absolutely Loved It Funny, Honest And Moving Tim Brooke Taylor Very Funny And Equally Moving Ben Hatch Is One Of My Favourite Writers Lisa JewellIf You Re Dreading A Weekend Car Trip With Small Children This Book Can T Fail T O Cheer You Up The MirrorHatch Humorously Recounts His Mile Odyssey Round Britain With His Wife And Two Small Children The TimesHow My Wife And I Came To Argue Over Which Was The Better Owl Barn Or Tawny How You Change A Nappy Using Nothing But A KFC Lemonfresh Wipe How To Cope With A Tortoise Phobic Wife Who Drives Like Mr Magoo How To Steal Hotel Buffet Breakfasts And Turn Them Into Lunch What To Do When Your Trousers Are So Crusty With Dirt You Do Not So Much Take Them Off At Night Aslean Them Up Against Things How To Cope With A Car Crash, A Kidney Stone, A Nature Wee In Field Of Live Ordnance, Bat Attacks And Confrontations With Puff Adders, A Nazi And Billie Pipper S Pyjamas This Is The Story Of How My Family Survived Miles In A Vauxhall Astra

About the Author: Ben Hatch

Ben Hatch s latest novel is called THE P45 DIARIES How To Get Sacked From Every Job in Britain A former BBC Radio 4 Book of The Year, it was previously titled The Lawnmower Celebrity and is based loosely on Ben s woeful experiences of his teens and 20s when his dad thought he was an oaf Ben was born in London and grew up there, in Manchester and also in Buckinghamshire, where he lived in a windmill that meant he was called Windy Miller at school for years, though he s not been scarred by this experience at all He now lives in Brighton with his tiny wife Dinah, and two children, in a normal house He likes cheese and is balding although he disguises this fact by spiking his hair to a great height to distract people he wishes to impress.Ben who is actually writing this and pretending to be someone else has written for The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and The Daily Express among other newspapers Previously he wrote ROAD TO ROUEN A 10,000 Mile Journey In A Cheese filled Passat that was a Number One bestseller and ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET 8,000 Miles Round Britain In A Vauxhall Astra, a BBC Radio 2 Book of the Year, and also a Number One bestseller.Ben is the tallest Hatch who ever lived 5ft 9in and is the son of Sir David Hatch, the radio performer and producer whose shadow Ben doesn t at all feel under He also maintains that he knows the cure for the common cold tweet him at BenHatch to find this out and that one of his relatives was John Couch Adams who discovered the planet Neptune Apparently, his aunty told him Many years ago his novel the International Gooseberry was published by Orion It was about a hapless backpacker with a huge ungovernable toenail It was described as hysterical and surprisingly sad by the Daily Express Ben Hatch was on the long list of Granta s 2003 list of the most promising 20 young authors in the UK, but missed out on final inclusion possibly because of the toenail stuff In association with his wife Dinah, he has also written three guidebooks for Frommer s You can visit Ben Hatch at although his page is a bit rubbish.

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