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Game Theory 101: The Complete Textbook Game Theory The Complete Textbook Is A No Nonsense, Games Centered Introduction To Strategic Form Matrix And Extensive Form Game Tree Games From The First Lesson To The Last, This Textbook Introduces Games Of Increasing Complexity And Then Teaches The Game Theoretical Tools Necessary To Solve Them Inside, You Will Find All The Basics Fully Explained, Including Pure Strategy Nash Equilibrium, Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium, The Mixed Strategy Algorithm, How To Calculate Payoffs, Strict Dominance, Weak Dominance, Iterated Elimination Of Strictly Dominated Strategies, Iterated Elimination Of Weakly Dominated Strategies, Subgame Perfect Equilibrium, Backward Induction, Forward Induction, And Dozens Of Games Solved, Including The Prisoners Dilemma, Stag Hunt, Matching Pennies, Zero Sum Games, Battle Of The Sexes Bach Or Stravinsky, Chicken Snowdrift, Pure Coordination, Deadlock, Safety In Numbers, Selten S Game, The Escalation Game, The Ultimatum Game, The Pirate Game, Nim, The Centipede Game, The Hawk Dove Game, The Volunteer S Dilemma, And Rock Paper Scissors Rich Descriptions Of Important Economic Concepts Such As Commitment Problems, Burning Bridges, Perverse Incentives, And The Chain Store Paradox Advanced Topics Such As Generalized Games, Comparative Statics, And Knife Edge Conditions Real World Applications Including Wars, Firm Entry Exit, Tournament Strategy, Arms Races, Advertising, Game Shows, Soccer, Baseball, Video Games, And Crystal Clear, Line By Line Calculations Of Every Step, With Than Images So You Dont Miss A ThingQuick, Efficient, And To The Point, Game Theory The Complete Textbook Is Perfect For Introductory Game Theory, Intermediate Microeconomics, And Political Science

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    The long examples really pad this book out May be fine as an intro text for people who don t want to get very deep into it, but not at all appropriate as a reference text What is potentially forgettable and worth referring to in it could be summarised in a 1 page PDF.

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    Not really for the beginner Probably best to look at the youtube videos first

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    The examples are certainly laboriously worked over It gets a bit skip to the end in places But this does seem to be an effective technique for my brain at least I did a course on game theory at university many years ago but this book has left me with a clearer idea of what it s about.

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    I am a complete lay man with an interest in maths I thought it was very clear and escalated nicely I could have done with it being longer, but can t really fault it I would also have liked some exercises or questions which I could have thought through myself Instead I had to half fake these from the ex

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    I did the Game Theory course many year ago this was the course book I wanted to go back and reread stuff I had missed Very good lots of example s.

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    I wish I could personally thank the author for writing the most easy to understand book on Game Theory This book is a lifesaver.

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    This book is a great introduction for dummies, really enjoyed it However, if you need to get serious then you do need a good textbook.

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    As the video series really helped me, the least I could do is buy the book You still need the video but that is a real fun Class act

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