The Science of Battlestar Galactica (Audio

9 thoughts on “The Science of Battlestar Galactica (Audio Download): Patrick Di Justo, Kevin Grazier, Tom Dheere, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Lewis Lewis says:

    A must have for all fans of Battlestar Galactica and Science Great book although it is padded out with irrelevant photos of the cast from the show if that weren t the case, then it would have 5 stars

  2. Tatuim6 Tatuim6 says:

    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS This reads and looks like a book for computer game walkthrough in 90s prima strategy guides All pictures are in black and white as if this book was photocopied in low resolution to be done for the cheap I would have thought the writers and the Publisher Wiley would have given technical readouts of the ships with diagrams and cut outs especially on the Battlestars both Peguses and Galactica or diagrams to explain the science like they do with other scifi books Even Physics book of today have diagram to explain.I wouldn t even give it a star AVOID like the plague

  3. munchkinsraves munchkinsraves says:

    As souveniers go this book is great However, there is a lot of physics, as in real science physics in it for my taste I would have wanted to learn of the show and a little less of the science

  4. awatcheruk awatcheruk says:

    The book is good and a useful bokk to back up my Roleplaying campain.with pleanty of discribtions on how things work with in the series.

  5. Hawkfiend Hawkfiend says:

    If you are a fan of BSG and you have lingering unanswered questions then this is the book for you, incredibly well written and able to explain away any kind of scientific argument or doubt you may have with the series plot I Feared that it may be difficult to read but it s written in a very witty and humerous manner so much so that its very difficult to put down In summary it s frakkin excellent and you ll be desperatly looking for somebody to share your new found scientifc knowledge with

  6. Michael Lumley Michael Lumley says:

    Realy enjoyed reading this book, its well written and easy to understand It gives you insights into what would have worked in real life and what is pure science fiction It explains things about the shows plot but its mostly about about the science of the show Even a none fan of the show would learn a lot from this book A realy good read highly recomended.

  7. Dan McLeod Dan McLeod says:

    A great book that explores both the science and the fiction of the reimagined BSG series There s a whole lot of accurate real world science that the book explains in an understandable but accurate manner I d recommend to any BSG fan who also has at least a passing interest in modern science.

  8. Larry Larry says:

    Disclaimer I m not an expert in mathematics, physics, biology, astronomy, etc This review is entirely a personal opinionWell written, accessible, informative, interesting and fun to read What a great combination to have in a bookUnlike some other science fiction related material, the focus in this book is generally not techno babble Here, the authors don t seem interested in trying to just ram some science or technology terminology together for the sake of convenience.I got the sense that the authors were making a clear distinction between the science, speculation extrapolation based on the science, and It s a TV show I recall they use that or a similar phrase a number of times I would like to give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

  9. PhilippeP PhilippeP says:

    Dommage que ce ne soit pas une version reli car cela tient nettement mieux dans une bibliotheque.Livre tr s interressant et agr able lire.Assidu de BSG , j ai encore appris des choses gr ce ce bouquin.

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The Science of Battlestar Galactica (Audio Download): Patrick Di Justo, Kevin Grazier, Tom Dheere, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: Audible Audiobooks The official guide to the science behind the Battlestar Galactica universe Battlestar Galactica BSG has been called the best show on television, and as real as science fiction gets It has dealt with issues of religious freedom, patriotism, terrorism, genetic engineering, and the ultimate science fiction question what does it mean to be human While the re imagined BSG may not be packed with cool techie tools the bad guys don t even have laser guns for frak s sake , this book explains that the science in the series has a lot to say about the use of science and technology in our lives today What are the principles behind artificial gravity and sublight propulsion Are Cylons men or machines How are humanoid Cylons able to interface with computers By tackling these and other intriguing questions, The Science of Battlestar Galactica takes us billions of miles away from Earth so that we can turn around and see ourselves from a different perspective The book tackles fans most pressing BSG questions, from how an FTL drive might work to how thecolonies of Kobol could co exist, to the principles behind Gaius Baltar s Cylon detector Featured are behind the scenes anecdotes and quotes from the BSG Series Bible Included is a foreword by BSG co executive producer, Jane Espenson, and an afterword by actor Richard Hatch, who played Tom Zarek in the reimagined series and Captain Apollo in the classic series Co written by BSG s scientific advisor and a Wired contributing editor Packed with must know details and scientific background, this thought provoking book will help you see Battlestar Galactica as never before