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Sally I have loved Freya North s novels since stumbling across one in a secondhand bookshop a few years ago Usually lighthearted, moving and entertaining, Sally has left me perplexed and slightly bored It opens with an astonishingly raunchy sex scene which could bode well for the rest of the book Sally doesn t want the chap to fall in love with her, but he does, and she basically goes nuts and runs off What is perplexing is that it s never really clear why..I ended up skipping a great chunk of fairly snore worthy stuff where she runs off to an elderly aunt in Mull riveting not and going to the end to confirm that yes, they did end up together There s a sort of vague reference to someone who broke her nose in the past, but she d moved on from thathonestly, a massive disappointment Read Cat, Pip and Fen again rather than wasting your money on this. I started to read Freya North books a while ago and always wanted to read her first book I was not disappointed Typically good story telling from a wonderful author. Third time I ve had to buy this book now as every time I lend it to anyone, it s that good I never get it back again Absolutely love freya north and as her 1st novel this had me hooked from the word go Great read and just what I expected from this author bubbly, fun and a nice tidy ending Great read was one of these books that you can t put down. An excellent read in the Freya North style. Loved every chapter of this book Literally couldn t put it down Freya North has not disappointed once ,would recommend to anyone I was expecting something from this book Don t get me wrong, it s well written and the characters are interesting and dimensional, yet plot wise there wasn t as much going on as I would ve thought from the blurb I just think there are better Freya North novels the McCabe series, for example I m glad I read it because I had heard great things about it, but maybe that s the problem when you get so many great reviews and then you re kind of disappointed. A sexy fun read with an involved plot and charming characters Like all Freya North novels they never disappoint I read this book in a day. Shes bored of nice its time to be naughtySally Lomax isand bored of being homely and predictable, so shes decided to give the boot to being conventional and reinvent herself as a femme fatale This is all well and good, but shes going to need someone to practice onAlong comes Richard suave, single and fiercely independentShes determined to be the one great erotic heroine of his life Hes going to be her dream affair no strings, no scone baking, just sex and sensuality Until, that is, a New Year masked ball unmasks than was intended

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