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F My Life: And You Thought You'd Had A Bad Day... The Idea Is Simple In A Few Sentences, People Describe The Various Moments That Have Ruined Their Day From The Sublime And Ridiculous To The Truly Mortifying, These Snapshot Anecdotes Are All Per Cent Genuine, And Very, Very Funny Today, My Mother And I Got Into A Huge Fight About Me Being A Lesbian It Ended With Me Saying Fuck You To Which She Responded, I Bet You D Probably Like To FML Today, I Was Volunteering At A Nursing Home And I Was Calling Bingo Numbers One Woman Stood Up And Started Making Noises I Assumed She Had Won And I Started Clapping She Then Fell On The Floor And Died Of A Heart Attack I Essentially Applauded Her Death FML Today, I Fell Asleep I Felt Something On My Face I Batted It Away It Was My Hamster It Died From Hitting The Wall FML Today, My Girlfriend Dumped Me Proclaiming She Wanted Someone Like Her Edward I Asked Her Who Edward Was She Held Up A Copy Of Her Twilight Book She Was Talking About A Fictional Vampire FML

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    The book comes from a selection of short statements on some terrible, funny or disquieting real event of the posters to the French FML website Each entry starts with Today and ends with FML and most span two to three lines.It gene

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    Made me feel much better about my own life tbh lol Some were heartbreaking and some were just outright hysterical lol

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    Brilliant book, would recommend to anyone that doesn t read a lot or who wants a giggle

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    So funny Lots of that s happened to me lol moments Very few made up stories I think and had me laughing all the way through

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    All good

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    Bought for my Husband as a present..I don t think he s read it Note to selfsign up Husband for adult reading classes

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    A must readers

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    I haven t actually visited the website for a few years so when I saw this book in the sale, I thought it would be nice to re visit.I was, however, very disappointed in this book To start with, it is meant to be read in small doses and that is exactly what I did, but it still didn t stop me from gett

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