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The Transforming Power of the Gospel (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Jerry Bridges, Ray Porter, christianaudio.com: Audible Audiobooks New Release From Jerry Bridges, Author Of Than A Dozen Books, Including The Pursuit Of Holiness, Which Has Sold Than One Million Copies His Devotional, Holiness Day By Day, Garnered The ECPA Christian Book Award For The Inspiration And Gift Category, And The Discipline Of Grace Received A Similar Award In For The Christian Living Category A few months ago, this book was a free offering on Kindle Jerry Bridges is one of my favorite authors and this book of his is no exception In The Transforming Power of the Gospel 2011 , bridges discusses how growth in holiness is deeply rooted in the Gospel and he seems to be close to the right balance between God s grace and personal responsibility, in my opinion Many authors that I like e.g., John MacArthur, Francis Chan are strong proponents of personal holiness as a mark of faith Although they talk about the importance of grace, what comes across is a strong call to holiness On the other end of the spectrum are writers, who I also deeply respect, like Rod Rosenblatt and Tullian Tchvidjian, who focus deeply on grace and seem to address personal holiness to a lesser degree Recently, I have been talking with a good friend of mine that neither end of this spectrum seems to get it quite right Bridges, as he does in many of his books, discusses the importance of holiness and spiritual transformation, but clearly grounds it in the gospel of grace and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit I think all of the authors mentioned above also believe this, but the message comes through clearly in Bridges work.I want to conclude with two of the closing paragraphs from his book Bridges writes, If you commit yourself to the pursuit of Christlikeness, you will discover an increasing tension between your desire to know and do the will of God and your perceived progress in doing it This increased tension can become discouraging and demotivating The solution to this dilemma is to keep in mind that, in our standing before God, He sees us clothed in the perfect obedience of Christ This standing never changes, regardless of whether we are having a good day or a bad day In Him, we are always holy and blameless In Him, we are always perfectly righteous as He was in His sinless Humanity This is the way we should resolve the tension between what we desire to be and what we see of ourselves in our daily experience We should look at our standing before God in Christ than we do at our actual experience, and that continual looking to who we are in Him will motivate us to become like Him in our experience To do this, of course, means we must daily embrace the gospel. This is a classic on Transformation via the Holy Spirit Sanctification for theology types Jerry Bridges has done an outstanding life work here putting this into both the laymen s and students grasp to understand After reading three chapters, I was so impressed that I bought the Audible version also for my wife and I to enjoy in our devotional periods on Sabbath It balances precisely how God works within us when we depend on and co operate with Him Well thought out and articulated with much Bible backing and prayer.This is a book everyone interested in the New Covenant of Jesus Christ should read often for a lifetime.Thank You Jerry Brother Glen I would like to enthusiastically recommend this book by Jerry Bridges I found it to be deeper and challenging compared to another recent book on the same subject by J.D Greear called Gospel Don t get me wrong, I really liked Greear s work I thought it was well written Read my full review here I just felt that Bridges treatment of the subject was comprehensive.Jerry goes into detail about the gospel and our need to daily embrace it We all struggle daily with sin, and it is the daily embrace of the gospel that helps us and motivates us to continue to fight the good fight We all have to daily wrestle against the flesh The sin nature doesn t disappear after we commit our lives to Christ As God s light shines and in our heart, we grow in him, but not without struggle It is in the light of God that we see our sin clearly.This book gives us a fuller treatment of the process of sanctification It helps us understand on a practical level what that really looks like I especially liked his treatment of the role of the Holy Spirit balancing our responsibility and maintaining a constant reliance on God for the ability to do good works He also covers God s providence and how circumstances can help refine us He ends with a chapter on the already and the not yet meaning that God is continuing his work in us throughout our lives It reminds me of Phil 1 6, He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. There is much misinformation and misdirection in churches that creates confusion among believers about what Christianity is really about This book focuses the point of the message of scripture for Christians so that we can see clearly what we should be focused on and how this relates to the gospel In other words, we live the gospel day by day and we are transformed into the image of Christ Supernatural experiences, miracles, signs and other special events are not what is needed in the church The truth of the gospel to transform is what is necessary. I finished this book four days before the death of the author, Jerry Bridges Upon finishing this book I thought to myself, I m glad that such a saint is alive and with us Of course Jerry Bridges has been promoted to glory and in heaven I am glad that by God s grace and providence He ordained Jerry Bridges to author this book This book has become one of my favorite book on how the Gospel fuel our sanctification and currently is my recommendations to those struggling with holiness.The purpose of the book is show the importance of the Gospel in a believer s sanctification There will be no true sanctification without the Gospel The Gospel is both foundational and what motivates Christians to live a holy life Bridges shares what he has learned in fourteen chapters The book as a whole can be divided into two parts The first looks explicitly at the Gospel s role in transformation while the second part looks at the work of the Spirit and our responsibility relying on the Spirit In the preface Bridges tells us that what he s sharing in the book was the result of what he has learned from the last twenty five years I m sure that s true given the book s practical wisdom and truths that is mined from the Scripture In what follows I want to discuss the insights of some of the chapters.The first chapter got me hooked to the book when Bridges described the process of how he came to discover the power of Gospel driven holiness He tells us of how at first he made the mistake of assuming he could live the Christian life by his own moral willpower But that of course ended in frustration Then he made the next mistake by taking on a passive approach of spiritual sanctification In terms people could understand, Bridges went from the mentality of Do It Yourself to one of Let Go And Let God Bridges then discover that the balance of both extreme requires the Gospel and he confesses that before his understanding of the Gospel s role in transformation he thought the Gospel was only for nonbelievers After the opening chapter the next chapter covers the subject of holiness which I appreciate a lot I really benefited from Bridges discussion of the two fold aspect of holiness with one aspect being God s Transcendent Majesty that describes how set apart God is and the second aspect of God s holiness being His infinite moral purity He has a wonderful exposition of Isaiah 6 and how Bridges brings the background context of Isiah 6 is a wonderful example of how historical setting enriches biblical exposition Following this chapter, chapter three is on the sinfulness of sin and the next chapter is on the great exchange Here we see classic Biblical Gospel presentation and Bridges presented in a way that is practical and made me love God and the Gospel a little than before I read it In keeping with the theme of the book chapter five and six discusses our need for daily embracing of the Gospel and how the Gospel motivates obedience since it stirs within the believer a heart of gratitude I also appreciated the chapter on dependent responsibility chapter 9 and the instruments of grace chapters 10 and 11 I really like the term Bridges coined, dependent responsibility and I have started to use that term in my own vocabulary I was also convicted with Bridges discussion about memorizing Scripture and his personal testimony of how this practice of spiritual discipline has helped him in his own fight with sin I was convicted since this is probably the one discipline I struggle with the most and his own life s testimony of how memorization of Scripture helps in real life experience made me realize what I was missing out on.I highly recommend this book When I was going through this book with a small group one of the brothers pointed out that at times Bridges could be repetitive I didn t necessarily think much of that but felt there was some truth to this towards the end of the book For instance I felt chapter thirteen on Transformed into His Image was already discussed elsewhere earlier in the book already and was surprised to see this as a chapter towards the end But I suppose a little bit of repetition of biblical truths can never hurt But don t let that withhold you from reading the book as I highly recommend it. This study goes so well with his other books I am glad I have them in my kindle to refer to and to find strength in As the title says, there is transforming power in the gospel and in turn is becoming conformed to the image of Christ This occurs when a growing understanding of the holiness of God and it s implications A growing sensitivity to remaining sinfulness and concurrent realization of failure to fully express the fruit of the spirit in one s life A desire to grow in Christ likness A understanding of dependent responsibility Application of the instruments of grace thru the practice of spiritual disciplines which help us grow in Christ likeness Embracing the gospel 24 7 for the assurance of forgiveness of sins and our righteous standing before God so that we will be constrained by his love to live not for ourselves but for Him A growing realization of one s own spiritual inability and an increasing dependence on the Holy Spirit to work in us and enable us to work.Each of these understandings are supported by scripture and how we can apply Bridges starts with a foundation of the attitude of the Gospel and the workings of the Gospel Very complete study that can give a christian a heart check, a work out, and to live life in abundance. Revisiting what we believe and why is vital to nurturing other streams of living water from which our soul can flourish Jerry Bridges is a wise sage and companion guide in this gospel tour de force This doesn t necessarily offer anything new in content but is always needful knowing Bridges is content to explore the gospel and its manifold implications by walking around it slowly, as it were, like one would a priceless, multi faceted diamond on display in a museum, then simply describing it in everyday language Sin, sanctification and the Saviour are all treated thoroughly for our encouragement and health in God Great for refreshment or for those who are new to the faith.Beautiful, wise and stretching

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Transforming Power of the Gospel (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Jerry Bridges, Ray Porter, christianaudio.com: Audible Audiobooks book, this is one of the most wanted Jerry Bridges author readers around the world.

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