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Forbidden (Bound Hearts Book 8) The Club Located just outside Washington, DC only its members know where men go if they want to indulge the desire to share their women with a selected male partner John Mac McCoy resigned his membership from The Club when he married Keiley Hardin Tempting and innocent, sweet and sexy, she would never accept Macs desire to share her with another man However, Macs fantasies of sharing his wife haunt his dreams And his passions Unable to wait any longer to draw his best friend Jethro Riggs into his marriage, Mac invites Jethro to their home with the intention of drawing Keiley into the pleasures that can only be achieved when sharing two men who love the same woman But theres going on in Macs neck of the woods than a little additional pleasure A past case, a stalker that likes to play games Soon his wife becomes embroiled in something dangerous than they could ever have imagined, as forbidden pleasure becomes an addiction none of them can escape

About the Author: Lora Leigh

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Forbidden (Bound Hearts Book 8) book, this is one of the most wanted Lora Leigh author readers around the world.

13 thoughts on “Forbidden (Bound Hearts Book 8)

  1. L. Sears L. Sears says:

    Every now and then, a hungry reader such as myself, accidentally stumbles across a gem of a book that will consume them The kind of book that plays on the mind when it s not being read and messes with clock, slowing time between reads and putting it on fast forward whenever you re lost in its pages I m talking about the kind of book that when you finish it and realise everyone around you is going on with life as normal, it makes you want to scream Why Why did it have to end Two federal agents partners They share everything, their training, their work and their women belonging to a gentleman s club where members indulge their passion for m nage, sharing their lovers with another man When Jethro Riggs meets Keiley he falls for her beautiful body and gentle spirit straight away, but haunted by the shadows from his past, Jethro knows there is no future for them, so he takes a step back, allowing his partner, John Mac McCoy to take claim her for himself, knowing Mac will be the tender loving husband she deserves, something Jethro can never be.With his young wife to love, cherish and protect, Mac resigns from the FBI and the infamous club in order to make a fresh start with Keiley on his family farm But some things from his former life refuse to let him go.When Keiley starts to question Mac s past, he warns her not to go there But her interest in what went on at the club arouses a desperate hunger in Mac, a hunger he s been suppressing every day of their three year marriage And it s not long before Mac calls Jethro and invites him to the farm for a vacation An invitation Jethro has been waiting for since bringing the couple together.But Jethro isn t the only part of Mac s past to come visiting A dangerous stalker known as the Playboy an old case of Mac s is once making his presence known and this time it s personal.As Mac and Jethro do everything in their power to protect the woman they love, can she find it in her heart to love both men, and bring peace to her husband s best friend Further, having once had her life ruined by wagging tongues, has Keiley got it in her to face off with the bitchy town gossips over rumours about what goes on in her bedroom This book is thrilling and moving in so many ways as you follow the three very different main characters through the story While the erotic scenes are scorching and will fuel your arousal, the threat of a dangerous and deadly stalker will have you on the edge of your seat, excited, but nervous for what each new page will bring Without a doubt, Forbidden is one of the most sexy, thrilling, satisfying stories I have read in quite some time.

  2. Teaney Teaney says:

    3.5 STARSIf you want a steamy novel, then look no further.BUT.if you want a decent storyline with the heat, then this is not the one for you.The angle of the storyline is weird and I had to really concentrate to understand it all The language is written, when you think it is a question it s actually a statement, so for that alone the book never flowed and I really had to perservere with it.The sex scenes were off the scale of what even I m used to I got it in the end, but still found the dynamic in the relationship just odd I am not going to synopsis the storyline as that has already been completed on here to good effect.Read it if you like it HOT

  3. Patricia Patricia says:

    Really enjoyed this book The characters are really well written with all their own quirks and personality The storyline as usual was really well thought out and kept me reading.Lora Leigh books I have come to find are definitely addictive and this is yet another on the list Recommend

  4. MrsGH MrsGH says:

    I have to say that when I bought this book I was looking for something a bit like Fifty Shades but with meat to it if you know what I mean , I was slightly unsure about the m nage element to the book and did not think it could be very romantic Lora Leigh has written this so well that by the end of the book I was convinced that a m nage with the right people could actually work That s not something I would have ever considered before, I could not envisage a threesome relationship as being loving or romantic, this book proved me wrong The sexual tension is gradually built up within the book, along with the suspense element which has surprising twists and turns all in all an enjoyable read.

  5. Little miss t Little miss t says:

    This is a nice m nage read for anyone that enjoys a lovely romance with hot steamy sex scenes This book gives the added extra of having a little thriller suspense in it due to a danger threat.Where the price is brilliant, characters very likeable, and sex scenes hot I just found it a bit too descriptive and was saying to my kindle get to the point There were parts that dragged for me which means it s not a book I would re read I wouldn t necessarily say to someone don t buy it it just wasn t for me where I read similar that have been better.

  6. KAP75 KAP75 says:

    I hate to say it after so many positive reviews but I think this book is saved only by it s sex scenes They are steamy, well described and original The characters are all beautiful, emotional with tough luck back stories that attempt to endear them to the reader but I can t say it worked for me The sub plot of the FBI stalker was weak and existed to fill gaps between the three way sex in my opinion I worked out very early on who it was and even how it was done So, if I were to recommend this book I could only do so if you are looking for steam at the expense of substance

  7. Neil Neil says:

    Not much of a story which was overtaken by explicit sex details, hence the reason of my low review rating If you enjoy graphic details of eroticism rather than an actual storyline, this book is for you.

  8. Sarlissia Sarlissia says:

    Die ersten 100 Seiten des Romans h tten durchaus 5 Sterne verdient Sehr gute Handlung, tolle Figuren und auch die erotischen Szenen lassen nichts zu w nschen brig Doch leider bleibt das Niveau des Romans nicht erhalten Zu viele Sexszenen f r zu wenig Handlung bestimmen einen Gro teil den weiteren Handlungsstranges Diese sind zwar sehr sch n dargestellt, doch fragt man sich fr her oder sp ter leider doch, was mit der Handlung passiert ist Diese l sst sich schon in einem Satz zusammenfassen Vom FBI gesuchter Stalker hat es nach mehreren Opfern auf die Frau des ehemals leitenden Ermittlers abgesehen Nebenbei kommen in Ankl ngen noch Probleme mit Exgeliebten und mit dem Klatsch in einer amerikanischen Kleinstadt vor leider zu wenig Gerade hier h tte man sich doch etwas mehr gew nscht Leider ist die Handlung auch wenig originell, man h tte doch mehr erwarten k nnen, auch wenn es sich um ein altbekanntes Schema handelt.Die Nebenfiguren bleiben zu Teil sehr blass, die inneren Konflikte der 3 Hauptpersonen hingegen werden sch n, wenn auch nicht immer ganz logisch ausgearbeitet.Alles in allem l sst sich das Buch gut lesen Einmal jedoch reicht durchaus, zum wiederholten lesen fehlte einfach die n tige Handlung.

  9. Magritte Magritte says:

    Lora Leigh s books are an erotic thunderstorm Daring, exiting and fun, filled with want, need and love.The bound hearts series is about a club of men, who like to share their women, in order to pleasure them These men are following a code of honour and have respect and pleasure as priority.John Mac McCoy resigns his club membership, as well as his job at the FBI, shortly after marrying the young, beautiful and innocent Keiley, moving back to the countryside with her After 3 years of marriage however he feels the need for her to face his dark side his past, his need and therefore his pleasures of sharing Keiley with his third, his only friend, and his former partner Jethro.After the fist shock, the three of them start an erotic m nage They make love both make love to Keiley, the both love Keiley, the both fight against an exterior danger threatening her, in order to protect the woman who loves them and heals them both.The story is filled with need and want It is a trip into sexual adventure, twisting the limits of morality.I admit that at first even I was a bit shocked by the subject which along the pages becomes very tempting.If you like erotic trips beyond the borders of what norm is you will like this book.Enjoy the read MBTM

  10. Marilyn Ponech Marilyn Ponech says:

    I like the aspect of how the woman in the book struggled sharing her body with another man besides her husband More so than the other books in this series Questions were brought up and answered according to the story line of the book.

  11. Dorothy Jackson Dorothy Jackson says:

    This was an amazing read The plot mixed with raw emotion,made my heart beat quite a few times Perfect ending.

  12. Heathcliff Heathcliff says:

    Nat rlich ist jede Lora Leigh zuerst einmal lesenswert Langsam wiederholt sich aber der Stalker Plot zu h ufig, als da die sexy Szenen noch f r ein richtig gutes Buch reichen w rden Und wenn man andere B cher von ihr kennt, ist man besseres gewohnt Daher leider nur 3 Sterne.

  13. Sheila M Sheila M says:

    FINAL DECISION The Bound Hearts turns in a different direction with married characters bringing another man into their marriage for the first time This book also has a suspense element that works to move the story along.THE STORY John Mac McCoy was a member of The Club, a place for men to find like minded souls to engage in menage relationships He gave that up when he married Keiley Hardin three years ago Mac knew that Keiley was too innocent to be involved in Mac s sexual excesses Three years have changed their relationship, however Mac sees that Keiley is sexually secure and reluctantly intrigued by Mac s sexual past He decides to invites his best friend and usual menage partner Jethro Riggs to be the third person in his relationship with Keiley.OPINION This book has a different premise than the previous ones in this series Keiley is not looking for a menage She married her husband and expected a traditional relationship Even , Mac and Keiley have been married for three years Now things are changing.In this book, Keiley has to be persuaded into the lifestyle that Mac enjoys Then both Keiley and Jethro have to be convinced that it is okay to have a relationship of emotional connection and not just sex.This story has a complicated menage relationship because there is than sex involved In truth, this book is partly about the romance between Keiley and Jethro There are feelings of love and betrayal and fear that are explored here rather than mere sexual experiences I found the book emotionally challenging than others in the series.WORTH MENTIONING This book is about a menage relationship that is emotional as well as sexual These three end up as a family unit.CONNECTED BOOKS FORBIDDEN PLEASURE is book eight of the Bound Hearts series This book can be read as a standalone because the characters are only tangentially connected to the ones at The Club which dominates the rest of the series.STAR RATING I give this book 4 stars.

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