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                        The Top Gear Years
            A compilation of Clarkson s older articles, occasionally it feels like warmed up yesterday s pie Some of the articles are better than others, all typical Clarkson Not a lot about cars, per se, but involving cars as the background of whatever story comment is being told And there are a lot of commentsSo if you like Clarkson, you ll probably like the book If you don t you won t simple as that It is just yet one way for old Jezza to capitalize on the success of the TV show.I was expecting though. It s the book equivalent of listening to Monty Python records It ll make you laugh often and return to the really hilarious bits over and over If Jeremy could have done this stuff on his feet instead of on a typewriter he d have been a phenomenal stand up comedian. Some reviewers have commented that there s nothing new here and that s true At the top of the product description it says The Top Gear Years brings together Jeremy Clarkson s collected magazine columns for the first time, so that should neither be a surprise nor a reason to mark it down.If you haven t read Clarkson s articles in Top Gear or if you want to reread them in collected form, this book s fine though Whatever you think about Clarkson s opinionated ranting, he is a good writer He knows how to tell a story with humour.This is a good book if you re a Clarkson fan but not quite his best hence 4 stars instead of 5. This was a birthday present and he liked it a lot many thanks I love top gear and most of what clarkson says, but this book, full of his old column inches is poor The column was relevant at the time of each entry, but 10 years on or so and it s just boring drivel Clarkson is funny and caustic and sarcastic, but after reading about 10 separate entries and not even smiling once, the book has been sent back to the book case I ll march it to the charity shop when I get 5 minsavoid. Although lacking Clarkson s deliberate attempts to be controversial and the weaker for it this selection of articles is of interest for its omissions than content.Readers of Top Gear magazine will by definition have read most of the stuff, and there is little in it to attract additions to their numbers. I understand this is a collection of rantings columns from the Top Gear magazine but I was hoping there would be insight into the show particularly since the change of format to how we currently see it The blurb did appear to hint that this would form a part of the book.While there was the occasional column that mentioned the TV series this was in the main lacking any great insight and details on the show, the challenges, etc.While some of the columns were funny, there were a number that seemed to repeat things said in earlier ones and as a result it did start to feel slightly repetitive towards the end of the book.A full blown behind the scenes Top Gear book would be much appreciated. Very Funny I Cracked Up Laughing On The Tube Evening StandardThe Top Gear Years Brings Together Jeremy Clarkson S Collected Magazine Columns For The First Time Clarkson At His Pithy, Provocative, Hilarious Best We Now Know All About The World According To Clarkson In A Series Of Bestselling Books Jeremy Has Revealed It To Be A Puzzling, Frustrating Place Where All Too Often The Lunatics Seem To Be Running The Asylum But In The Top Gear Years, We Get Something Rather Different Because Ten Years Ago, At An Ex RAF Aerodrome In Surrey, Jeremy And His Friends Built A World That Was Rather To His Liking They Called It Top Gear HQ And Top Gear Is For Jeremy What The Jungle Is For Tarzan The Perfect Place To Work And Play But They Didn T Stop There With This Corner Of Surrey Sorted Out, Jeremy And The Boys Decided To Have A Crack At The Rest Of The World With Top Gear Live Charging Through With The Subtlety Of A Touring Heavy Rock Band And Far Flung Outposts Across The Globe From North America To China An Empire Of Petrol Headed Upon Which The Sun Never Set And All Along Jeremy Was Writing About It In Top Gear Magazine Here, Collected For The First Time, Are The Fruits Of His Labours The Cars, The Hijinx, The Pleasure And The Pain Brilliantly Written And Laugh Out Loud Funny The Top Gear Years Follows Jeremy Clarkson S Many Bestselling Titles Including Round The Bend And The World According To Clarkson Series Praise For Jeremy Clarkson Jeremy Clarkson Is Very Funny And His Well Honed Political Incorrectness Is A Joy Daily Telegraph Jeremy Clarkson Began His Writing Career On The Rotherham Advertiser Since Then He Has Written For The Sun, The Sunday Times, The Rochdale Observer, The Wolverhampton Express Star, All Of The Associated Kent Newspapers And Lincolnshire Life Today He Is The Tallest Person Working In British Television.

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