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The crucial debate in this book, written by a former operator of the Force Research Unit, is about whether or not the UK Government sanctioned murder.The book is written with the help of a few journalists It is well written and interesting.It has to be said that the thrust of the book is against the British Government This makes the book compelling reading, particularly from someone who had such an important job and a high level of security access The author has chosen to speak out to highlight what he believes to be a gross injustice.However, I found aspects of the book confusing Martin Ingram states on several occasions that a huge amount of what the FRU did was useful and helpful in saving lives The book focusses mainly on the alleged key IRA informer, Stakeknife, and how he was allowed to commit murder under the control of the FRU Ingram argues that much of this could have been prevented.Rob Lewis Fishers of Men offers an alternative view, and I hope to read this soon.An interesting and thought provoking book. I found this so interesting because not only did I grow up in Belfast parts of Co Down, but I was interviewed by Banbridge CID about Loughlin Maginn He and his family had come in to where I worked, just before he was murdered I was asked to identify something left at the scene It was meant to be confidential but a report on the front of the Belfast telegraph basically told the world I was told by family that it would be best if I left N Ireland, but it was family that told me to tell CID what I knew It was a dangerous place and time, and I always seemed to be in the workplace at the wrong time This book has confirmed what I thought about the Steven s enquiry at least, and a bit of an eye opener in other things Well worth reading. Ingram has a axe to grind There is a fine line between handling an informer who is known to have murdered and to encourage murder I am surprised that he has so much intimate knowledge of so many sources I think much of his information was second hand His arguments are repeated to often and balanced to support his views Not an academic book Lacks balance I have to say that I found this book rather disappointing in the way that it was put together It s not particularly well constructed and I found some parts of it difficult to follow I ve read countless books on the subject of the N Ireland conflict and although some of the things revealed here were informative as well as shocking it is unfortunately one of the poorest examples in a literary sense. A Sequence Worthy Of Catch Has The Same Agency Employing Agents On Both Sides, Knocking Off Each Other But Then, Catch Was Farce This Is Serious Business, And Murder Senator Maurice Hayes, Irish IndependentAn Inside Expose Of How British Military Intelligence Really Works, This Book Tells The Stories Of Two Undercover Agents Brian Nelson, Who Worked For The Force Research Unit, Aiding Loyalist Terrorists And Stakeknife , Deputy Head Of The IRA S Internal Security Force Which Tortured And Killed Informers Fascinating Covers alot on British army agents Brian Nelson UDA intelligence and Freddy Scappaticci IRA internal security amongst other well known cases from the Troubles Definitely worth a read if you want to know how British intelligence really operated in the North of Ireland Not alot of shaken martini s being had back then, just a big cocktail of collusion. Hmmmm I think this is fair The book itself is quite clear on its direction, alas I think it pans out to be a futile effort to be distanced from the dirtier work in the troubles which I feel is underhand.maybe it is me but I found it hard to keep a tab on what was being written and by whom simply because it chops and changes so much, however there is a lot to cover.I was expecting details of the operations but it did turn into a list of who, what, why where and when in brief.I do think that the author is somewhat short sighted to be knowingly involved in all of what happened and is now calling for action against it, I am not sure what he expected but some of the higher end goings on was surely to be expected when fighting a war against the IRA, PIRA etc I couldn t put this book down An amazing account of a part of the troubles in NI that even many like myself who served there didn t know was going on I am totally gobsmacked at the revelations in this book. Stakeknife: Britain's Secret Agents in Ireland

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stakeknife: Britain's Secret Agents in Ireland book, this is one of the most wanted Greg Harkin author readers around the world.

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