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Michel Thomas Beginner Mandarin Chinese Lesson 3 Fantastic What Is The Michel Thomas Method The Michel Thomas Method Teaches Everyday Conversational Language That Will Allow You To Communicate In A Wide Variety Of Situations, Empowered By The Ability To Create Your Own Sentences And Use The Language Instinctively, Having Absorbed The Vocabulary And Grammatical Structures These All Audio Courses Were Perfected Over Years By Gifted Linguist And Teacher Michel Thomas, And Provide An Accelerated Method For Language Learning That Is Truly Revolutionary Lessons , The Beginner Course This Course Makes No Assumption Of Knowledge Of Any Language Other Than English And Gives The Beginner Practical And Functional Use Of The Spoken Language It Is Also Appropriate For Anyone Who Has Studied Mandarin Chinese Before, But Has Forgotten Much Of It Or Does Not Have Confidence In Speaking The Beginner Course Is Designed To Take You From Complete Beginner To Intermediate Level Lessons , The Intermediate Course This Course Is For Those With An Intermediate Level Foundation In Mandarin Chinese, Or Those Who Have Completed Lessons And Want To Take Their Learning To An Advanced Level And Speak Mandarin Chinese Proficiently And Easily How Does It Work Unlike Most Language Courses That Focus Around Topics Or Grammar Forms, The Michel Thomas Method Works By Breaking A Language Down Into Its Component Parts, Enabling You To Reconstruct The Language Yourself To Form Your Own Sentences, To Say What You Want, When You Want Within The First Minutes Of The Course, You Will Be Generating Complete Sentences On Your Own It Is Important That You Complete The Lessons In Order The Method Is Successful Because It Builds On The Language You Learn In Each Lesson And Recycles Language Taught In Earlier Lessons, Allowing You To Build Ever Complicated Sentences Because The Method Is Based On Understanding, Not Memorisation, There Is No Set Limit To The Length Of Time That You Should Study Each Lesson Once You Feel You Have A Good Grasp Of The Language Taught In One Lesson, You Can Move On To The Next In Lesson Of The Mandarin Chinese Beginner Course, You Ll Be Able To Say My, Mine Etc With The Possessive Marker De , Understand How Word Order Works In Questions And Answers, And Talk About Speaking English And Chinese With Conjunction Because Marker For Possession My, Mine Etc Nouns Friend , Teacher , Literature, Culture , Chinese Language , English Language , TV , Electricity , Vision , Wife Demonstrative Adjectives This , That Question Word What Word Order In Questions And Answers Verb To Speak Say In The Next Lesson You Ll Be Able To Use The Classifier Ge And Learn That Prepositions Function As Verbs PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your My Library Section Along With The Audio good learning technique Very good Up to CD4 and finding the course v engaging Mr Goodman s no Michel Thomas, but he does his best, which is pretty good I am over half way through these CD s and finding it a very accessible way to learn chinese.It even painlessly manages to get you to handle the chinese tones.The Michel Thomas method works by conducting lessons with 2 students where you become the 3rd student in the group Some students find this irritating, but I think it is a huge help to the learning process to have students mis pronoucing words etc and being corrected On these CD s the teacher seems quite lenient on how accurate the specific sounds have to be, but I presume this is because they are close enough to be understood However I have not put it to the test yet. I ve made a few partial runs through these CDs I ve listened to the basic beginner set first 8 CDs three times, and most of the advanced next 4 CDs once I m on my fourth run currently, and intend to complete them all mostly out of sheer stubbornness to see it through to completion and try the vocabulary builder set My feelings on these CDs are mixed They were a useful basic introduction to Mandarin for me when I first started, but haven t taken me any further than that and I ve gained a lot subsequently from other resources.Good points The concepts and words are explained in a very simple and easy to grasp way There is no difficulty in following the CDs It will help to dispel the myth that Mandarin is an extremely difficult language to learn and you will be pleasantly surprised to learn about things like lack of plurals, lack of verb conjugation, using adverbs as verbs, lack of lots of redundant filler words that we have in English, the simple building block nature of many words e.g the word for chinese is formed by combining china and person , and the often intuitive word order e.g the statement you are busy simply becomes you are busy as a question, or this is what is answered with this is book All of these help to boost your confidence and motivation to continue It introduces you to enough of the basics that you will understand the tones, a small selection of words, and some sentence structures but your pronunciation will be lacking see below in the bad points Worth doing prior to starting other, better, resources, as it will give you a head start without much effort or time, and you will have lots of I m already familiar with this concept moments when first starting out with other resources.Neutral points Most of the first CD is fairly tedious, but necessary to get through The tones are explained in a very long drawn out fashion On the plus side and probably why it was done this way , you can t really forget these concepts after you ve listened to it, and you can skip these tracks on subsequent listens Sometimes the pronunciation of the students is noticeably bad which is fair and expected but not always corrected by the native speaker The native speaker does however always repeat every line afterwards It would have been better to correct all mistakes to reduce the risk of misleading the listener into thinking the student s pronunciation was good, and to constantly reinforce through practice This is only a problem some of the time though and on the whole this aspect is dealt with reasonably well The native speaker pronounces words very carefully and slowly This is good when you are just starting out, but is not realistic or helpful for when you are exposed to real speakers On the advanced CDs she repeats it a second time a bit faster, but I would have preferred this to have been the case from the beginning Towards the end of the beginner set I was feeling like I wasn t really being challenged enough.Bad points There is hardly any introduction to pinyin Pronunciation is only explained when you are first introduced to a word and with the exception of the native speaker, not very adequately , and there is no explanation of initials and finals Given that there is a fairly small set of initials and finals in Mandarin, and that you can correctly pronounce every single possible syllable once you know them, this is a real missed opportunity and could have easily been covered in around half of a CD s worth perhaps spread throughout the course, as each sound becomes relevant I recommend ChinesePod s pinyin course to fill this gap Words are almost never spelled out when they are introduced Doing so would have only added a few seconds to each word and but would provided enormous benefit Some sounds are fairly similar to sounds we are used to in English, but some are very different and yet at the same time sound similar to a beginner Examples are ZH J both similar to the English J but neither actually the same , CH Q similar to English CH , and SH X similar to English SH Until I had used other resources, I didn t even realise that these distinctions existed, and was pronouncing all of my ZHs and Js as Js etc Sometimes the mnemonics given by the teacher even deliberately confuse this distinction, which would be fine if the listener knew about it, but actually causes you to pronounce the word incorrectly when you don t This is a serious issue and I would go so far as to say can actually be harmful once you go beyond basic beginner status to upper beginner intermediate as you have to spend time and effort unlearning bad habits This problem could have easily been avoided by 1 introducing the pinyin sounds each time they first occur, and 2 spelling out each word when first introduced, so that you know what pinyin sound to match it to The pinyin R initial is never properly explained On rare occasions that words are spelt out and start with an R, the listener is left confused when hearing it pronounced as what sounds to a beginner like the S in treasure when in reality the correct sound is neither like that, nor like an english R For me, how to attempt pronouncing words like r n was never really clear until I learned about this from other resources The marketing of the various CD sets in this series is highly exaggerated and misleading You will see descriptions like Speak Mandarin Chinese Instantly, and Speak and understand perfectly This is far from the truth What you will get is a very basic beginner level introduction You will still be a beginner when the complete the course, and will NOT be able to go to China and easily have a conversation just from doing 10 or 20 hours worth of audio there is no course that will do this for you To achieve that you will need a much bigger vocabulary, a lot of practice, and exposure to a variety of naturally speaking Mandarin natives, as opposed to the artificially slow and correct speech you will hear on these CDs The 4 advanced CDs are not anywhere near advanced level or even intermediate and should be thought of as merely a continuation of the beginner level content you will hear on the first 8 CDs I would describe the first 8 as basic beginner level and the next 4 as mid upper beginner level.In summary, this course is worth it to get you started, but needs to be followed by a lot of other content I recommend one or two decent textbooks e.g Integrated Chinese, New Practical Chinese Reader, HSK , varied and realistic audio e.g ChinesePod , spaced repetition apps Memrise, Anki, Skritter , and immersion techniques plaster your home with labels, have access to audio everywhere so that you re listening constantly, etc I also wouldn t recommend bothering to run through these CDs than once I am only doing it because I never completed it the first times as you will get much better value for your time using other resources beyond the first listen. Not what I found understand to be a foundation course The CD starts with saying it assumes you already know the basics, which is what I really needed. A good resource.

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