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Dark Days (Apocalypse Z Book 2) Book 2 of the trilogy which I read straight after the first Apocalypse Z Beginning of the end by Manel Louriero see my full review of the characters HERE.Again perfectly translated from Spanish to English with no typos.We are still following our favorite lawyer come reluctant zombie killer, Prit and now with Lucia a gorgeous 17 year old and a nun Sister Cecilia.Sometimes a second book cannot live up to the first but this was was just as good and I loved the twist of now they were not just fighting the undead but the different political factions Plus with added deceit, murder and dash of romance and a civil war what else could be thrown at them.But still Prit and the lawyer stand together fighting each others backs despite everything and it really works, you really get behind these two characters as they yet again find themselves in the middle of warring factions and blackmailed into helping the fight against the undead and.I didn t find the romance that good between Lucia and our lawyer it would have been nice to simply have a growling relationship, it seemed rushed to say they were in love with so much else going on It actually wasn t needed but its nice to have the girly aspect involved, maybe book 3 will make this real.After reading these 2 books nonstop for 2 days I loved every digital page, devouring every electrifying moment with these guys It ends on such an enormous cliffhanger it was brilliant but sudden and Im gagging for book 3 to be translated into English I NEED book 3 hurry An International Bestselling Author, Manel Loureiro Was Born In Pontevedra, Spain, And Studied Law At Universidad De Santiago De Compostela After Graduation, He Worked In Television, Both On Screen Appearing On Television De Galicia And Behind The Scenes As A Writer Apocalypse Z, His First Novel, Began As A Popular Blog Before Its Publication, Eventually Becoming A Bestseller In Several Countries, Including Spain, Italy, And Brazil Called The Spanish Stephen King By La Voz De Galicia, Manel Has Written Three Novels In The Apocalypse Z Series He Currently Resides In Pontevedra, Spain, Where, In Addition To Writing, He Is Still A Practicing Lawyer Dark Days is the sequel to Apocalypse Z The Beginning of the End It picks up immediately from where the first books ends and plunges you straight into the action I ve read a lot of Zombie fiction but what I like most about these books is that they are set in Spain and view a worldwide zombie plague from a fresh European perspective instead of the gun toting tired old American type.The four people and cat that survive the first book are in a helicopter heading towards the Canary Islands, they find a safe haven set up on the island of Tenerife and everything seems fine until a dramatic accident means a trip back to the Spanish mainland and into the capital city of Madrid filled with the undead for supplies and pharmaceuticals.This is exciting stuff and moves chapter by chapter from different viewpoints, Tenerife and Madrid Fantastic zombie fiction and I m so glad it has been translated into English from its native Spanish The third book in the trilogy is on it s way May June 2014 , can t wait Less zombies, social problems It seems to me that Manel Loureiro has an editor I ve written a book on a free site, ending each chapter with a dilemma or a cliffhanger and this same technique was obvious in his first book.I had the feeling with the first book, that he was writing what he was visualising in his mind s eye You have a scary imagination Se or Loureiro.This book has been plotted, chapter by chapter, changing focus from the horror of Madrid to the dread terror of a supposedly zombie free island.It reminds me of the beginning of the third book of Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games Everyone s out of immediate danger, but that s when the politics takes overI m not sure if the allegiances would be quite so disparate The Galicians do work together, putting aside their political differences and are quite proud of this.Spain s civil war didn t really end until the 1960s, there was guerilla fighting in the mountains, yet people chose to move on from the civil war divides Yes, they are political and yes, they are a bit tribal about their football.Real or Barca It works though I m glad that Manel Loureiro has written a third book I want to read it now Ah well, I can wait. I read the first volume of this series but did not write a review since I fully agreed with most other readers that gave the book five stars Volume two is worth the same It is a great read filled with one disaster after another The tempo is high and most what you read with the exception of the undead of course seams very plausible If we had undead like in the book, this could be one outcome The Book also ends with a true cliff hanger forcing you to wait until May to find out in the third volume what happened.There are only to minor things I wish Mr Loureiro would have done differently The description of the relationship between our main hero and his very young girl friend is very unclear Is she really his girl friend or what It is all very platonic and vague.And finally, Mr Loureiro describes the Italian armoured car Centauro as really ugly The Centauro is far from that It is in fact one of the most beautiful Armoured Fighting Vehicles in the world I wish I had one

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dark Days (Apocalypse Z Book 2) book, this is one of the most wanted Manel Loureiro author readers around the world.

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