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How to Write a Book This Weekend, Even If You Flunked English Like I Did Who Else Wants To Write A Book This Weekend It S Easier Than You Think Best Selling Author Vic Johnson Actually Wrote This Book In A Weekend To Prove How Easy It Is And He Gives You Step By Step Detail Of Everything He Did, Including The Resources He Uses To Turn Out Content Rich Books In No Time At All How To Write A Book This Weekend Is A Perfect Strategy For First Time Book Writers Who Have Been Discouraged By The Thought Of Pounding Out Words For Months At A Time Inside These Pages You Ll Learn Where To Find Idea Factories That Allow You To Crowdsource The Hottest Trending Topics The Little Known Secrets Used By A Th Century Russian Immigrant To Sell Over Million Print Books The Can T Fail Method Of Choosing A Title That Makes Your Book Irresistible To Prospective Buyers A Backdoor Google Code That Will Instantly Reveal A Treasure Trove Of Valuable Research Material For Your Book The Magic Method That Eliminates Writer S Block And Produces Top Quality Content In A Fraction Of The Time Of Other Methods Please Note This Method Has Had Proven Success On Many Occasions When Applied To Non Fiction Books It May Or May Not Be Useful For Fiction Writers

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    What I like about this book is that it makes you feel empowered to do this to write a non fiction book using a simple model Most of it is clearly written, but some technical bits were very poorly explained, and another book on the same subject explained them much better It s not very long and is about the general idea of writing non fiction books for profit, e

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    I like this book and if as the author claims, it was written in a weekend he did well with the accomplishment The fact that he flunked English is evident but the writing style, while lacking some depth does not lack flair The book appears to be a self promotional tool for additional courses and materials that the author offers and here are numerous references to Hesse wit

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    Comprehensive and clear step by step instructions very good on resources and research Sets out construction of book how to go from recording research to placing the results in logical order Deals with first and second edits, copyright, title and publishing, and cover Finally how to convert and upload the book, and then convert to printing format so you end up with an ebook and a pa

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    I liked this book But it is a bit misleading as he leaves out all the bit about preparation which after all is part of writing the book But the ideas in it are brilliant I am currently writing my second book and this one gives some good tips, particularly the one about recording and getting someone else to do the writing.

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    Easy to read with good tips

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    This book contains a lot of powerful information, pushing you in the right direction to enable you to realise your dream, would highly recommend to anyone looking to write for the first time, well worth the money.

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    Helpful and interesting A must read if you are thinking about publishing an e book Explains it very well in simple easy to understand lauguage Quite a good way to make money.

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    This is a good book for anyone wanting to start writing, whether is fiction or not very useful tips included.

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