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The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon Winner Of The Financial Times And Goldman Sachs Business Book Of The Year Award Chosen As A Best Book Of The Year By The Washington Post, Forbes, The New Republic, The Economist, Bloomberg, And Gizmodo, And As One Of The Top Investigative Journalism Books By Nieman ReportsMr Stone Tells This Story With Authority And Verve, And Lots Of Well Informed Reporting A Dynamic Portrait Of The Driven And Demanding Mr Bezos Michiko Kakutani, New York TimesEngrossing Stone S Long Tenure Covering Both Bezos And Gives His Retelling A Sureness That Keeps The Story Moving Swiftly New York Times Book ReviewJeff Bezos Is One Of The Most Visionary, Focused, And Tenacious Innovators Of Our Era, And Like Steve Jobs He Transforms And Invents Industries Brad Stone Captures His Passion And Brilliance In This Well Reported And Compelling Narrative Walter Isaacson, Author Of Steve JobsStone S Account Moves Swiftly And Surely New York Times Book Review, Editor S ChoiceThe Everything Store Is A Revelatory Read For Everyone Those Selling And Those Sold To Who Wants To Understand The Dynamics Of The New Digital Economy If You Ve Ever One Clicked A Purchase, You Must Read This Book Steven Levy, Author Of Hackers And In The PlexA Deeply Reported And Deftly Written Book Like Steven Levy S In The Plex How Google Thinks, Works, And Shapes Our Lives, And Gates How Microsoft S Mogul Reinvented An Industry And Made Himself The Richest Man In America By Stephen Manes And Paul Andrews, It Is The Definitive Account Of How A Tech Icon Came To Life Seattle TimesStone S Book, At Last, Gives Us A Bezos Biography That Can Fit Proudly On A Shelf Next To The Best Chronicles Of America S Other Landmark Capitalists Forbes Stone S Tale Of The Birth, Near Death, And Impressive Revival Of An Iconic American Company Is Well Worth Your Time Matthew Yglesias, SlateAn Engaging And Fascinating Read An Excellent Chronicle Of S Rise A Gift For Entrepreneurs And Business Builders Of The New Generation Business InsiderThe Definitive Story Of, One Of The Most Successful Companies In The World, And Of Its Driven, Brilliant Founder, Jeff Bezos This book, published in 2013, is both a history of as a company in its first nearly two decades and a biography of its remarkable founder, who has imprinted his philosophy probably deeply than any other CEO of a major company, arguably even so than Steve Jobs did with Apple Indeed, the author, a technology journalist claims that In a way, the entire company is scaffolding built around his brain an amplification machine meant to disseminate his ingenuity and drive across the greatest possible radius The company is often stated to be based around certain key concepts putting the interests of the customer at the centre of everything it does, especially in terms of low prices and excellent customer service, and ahead of the interests of employees and the potential threat from competitors a capacity for reinventing the rules of retail, as the most successful company whose rise coincided with that of the internet in the mid to late 1990s, surviving the dot com crash and a determination to take a long term view of the company s prospects, eschewing immediately profitable lines for long term future growth areas across an ever great wider range of goods witness, Fresh This is powered by a virtuous cycle, or flywheel, described thus Lower prices led to customer visits More customers increased the volume of sales and attracted commission paying third party sellers to the site That allowed to get out of fixed costs like the fulfillment centers and the servers needed to run the website This greater efficiency then enabled it to lower prices further Feed any part of this flywheel, they reasoned, and it should accelerate the loop.Clearly in all the above, has been massively successful Yet it has faced criticism over tax and some of its employee policies, and as Brad Stone, and many past employees point out, has no culture of work life balance and different teams working together Bezos appears to believe that creative tension creates progress and drives up standards There is a powerful feeling across the political divide in the US that has got too big and is exercising a distorting effect on many markets though some of this is caused by political jealousy, for example Trump s dislike of the liberal Washington Post newspaper, also owned by Bezos Brad Stone is apparently writing an updated version of this book, which should be an interesting read Certainly, barring some unforeseen catastrophe, s capacity for forward looking thinking and not resting on its laurels seems set to ensure it continues to evolve and play a key role in online retail for many years to come. Grab an armful of business leadership books from your nearest bookshop and look through them for advice on how to treat staff I doubt you ll find any of them encouraging business leaders to humiliate their colleagues in public frequently.Yet one of the most memorable stories in Brad Stone s account of how Jeff Bezos made such a success of is just such an encounter with a senior manager They were giving answers that Bezos did not believe about the speed with which the phones were being answered by the customer service team So in the middle of a meeting with senior managers, Bezos put a phone on loudspeaker, dialed s customer service number and started ostentatiously timing how long it took to be answered He d been told that calls were being answered in less than a minute, but the meeting had to sit in excruciating silence as the minutes ticked up before finally the phone was answered.A devastatingly effective way of making a point, true But how do you combine such a brutish attitude at times with an ability to recruit, retain and motivate the sort of brilliant staff you need, especially when wasn t paying high wages The mystery is deepened by the grimly humorous collection of stories of other technology CEOs and their abrasive behaviour that Brad Stone presents in the book.As with Steve Jobs, reading about Jeff Bezos and all his quirks in dealing with other human beings not to mention s huge sums spent on failed takeovers leaves you wondering for much of the time if you re reading an account of a brilliant success or a tragic failure Clearly the path has taken shows he like Jobs is the former.But whilst Walter Isaacson s biography of Jobs does answer the question of how Jobs and Apple ended up so successful despite his manner, in the case of Bezos and , Brad Stone leaves that question only partly answered Early on in the book is but one amongst many online book selling startups Stone explains well why traditional bookselling firms found it difficult to move into the online business, constrained as they were by their heavy investment in offline stores Why, though, did triumph from all those different online startups That Stone doesn t tell us.The successful gets, the better Stone s book does explain its gathering momentum, especially thanks to Bezos s insistence on using s scale to drive prices as low as possible There are two types of company, Bezos says Those that looks to charge as high a price as possible think Apple and those that look to charge as low a price as possible think s low prices may have kept its profits down, but they have hugely boosted its size and, while Apple s high margins have attracted big competitors eating into its market, s low margins have kept competitors out of the market, leaving space for it to grow even further.It s a shame though that the initial crucial breakthrough remains unexplained even by the end of an enjoyable book.

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