BOOKS ✫ When Pain is the Doorway: Awakening in the Most Difficult Circumstances Author Pema Chödrön –

When Pain is the Doorway: Awakening in the Most Difficult Circumstances Finding Freedom In Our Most Difficult Circumstances What If The Full Sense Of Our Aliveness Were Only To Be Found Amidst Our Most Challenging Times And Difficult Experiences In Pain And Crisis, Teaches Pema Ch Dr N, There Lies A Hidden Doorway To Freedom That Appears To Us Only When We Re Sure That There Is No Way Out In These Intimate Audio Learning Sessions, Pema Ch Dr N Helps Us Distinguish The Triggers Or External Events That We Blame For Our Suffering From The Deeper Habitual Patterns That Feed Our Anger, Fear, Or Sadness From This Understanding, We Learn How To Free Ourselves From Our Propensity To Suffer Through The Transformative Awareness Of Impermanence The Dynamic And Ever Shifting Nature Of Both Joy And Suffering, Self And Selflessness And The Absolute And Eternal Flow From Which All Of It Arises What Is Causing My Pain What Will Happen If I Simply Lean In, Keep Company With It, Hold It With Tenderness Moment By Moment, Pema Supports And Encourages Listeners To Bring An Openhearted Sense Of Curiosity And Welcoming To Our Apparently Impossible Situations Or Unbearable Relationships To Discover The Deeper Freedom Available Just Beneath The Surface For Those Experiencing Emotional Crisis, When Pain Is The Doorway Provides Expert Guidance To Help Us Stop, Stay Present, And Enter Into A Welcoming, Spacious Place Of Being That Is Our True Home

9 thoughts on “When Pain is the Doorway: Awakening in the Most Difficult Circumstances

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    Listened to this book 3 times already learning something new each time Love it

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    What can I say I ve a few of her CDs and this one is an inspiration

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    Fantastic again, lots of very usefil insightful information

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    Thank you, well packed, as described, recommended seller

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    This amazing Buddhist nun who has lived a full life before she converted to her work as a Nun She is w ise wise wise and funny funny has been through the wringer in this life and KNOWS what she is talking about I have many of her tapes in the car, to straighten me out as I start the day

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    I love Pema Chodron and this CD set 2 is good as far as content goes, but because the recording and editing are so awful, I do not recommend purchasing it

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    While I love Pema Chodron, the audio quality of this seminar is absolutely horrible and is very distracting I bought this together with Don t Bite the Hook and would highly recommend that over this.

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    CD2 has very poor sound quality It s sounds like a old recording from other CD s not worth buying You can hear the same teachings on YouTube.

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    I listen to this in my car as I drive around to work and on errands Listening to these lessons and taking them to heart makes me a better worker, colleague, and family member, and less likely to be stressed out all the time I d like to know about working with the energy in the way that she discusses.

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