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APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur - How to Publish a Book This Version Of APE Was Updated With The Most Recent Content, Facts, Figures, Tools, And Resources On March Th, To See What Content Has Been Added Since The Last Update Of APE, Please Visit Apethebook Updates This Is Version Baldacci In The Publisher Of One Of My Books, Enchantment, Could Not Fill An Order For Ebook Copies Of The Book Because Of This Experience, I Self Published My Next Book, What The Plus , And Learned First Hand That Self Publishing Is A Complex, Confusing, And Idiosyncratic Process As Steve Jobs Said, There Must Be A Better Way With Shawn Welch, A Tech Wizard, I Wrote APE To Help People Take Control Of Their Writing Careers APE S Thesis Is Powerful Yet Simple Filling The Roles Of Author, Publisher, And Entrepreneur Yields Results That Rival Traditional Publishing We Call This Artisanal Publishing That Is, When Writers Who Love Their Craft Control The Publishing Process And Produce High Quality Books APE Is Minutes Of Step By Step, Tactical Advice And Practical Inspiration If You Want A Hype Filled, Get Rich Quick Book, You Should Look Elsewhere On The Other Hand, If You Want A Comprehensive And Realistic Guide To Self Publishing, APE Is The Answer Check out APE if you re looking for a clear and well thought out guide to self publishing It offers some excellent best practice tips for the three stages that you ll need to go through if you want to self publish a book author, publisher, and entrepreneur.The Author section is not a how to write a book guide it s of a why to write a book guide It won t give you loads of tips on the craft of writing, but it will make you think long and hard about why you might want to write and what you want to get out of it In short, don t self publish a book if you want to get rich However, Guy makes clear how emotionally challenging and rewarding being an author can be and this encouragement than makes up for the hard dose of realism about the financial rewards.The Publisher section is excellent, covering reviewing editing and then formatting and publishing your book for all the main e book formats or print on demand services Some of this section is quite technical, but justifiably so as formatting is incredibly important if you want your book to look as good as it possibly can on a range of devices I assume most people will skim read the formatting information the first time, and then go back to the relevant chapter when they re actually formatting their manuscript.The Entrepreneur section was the bit of APE that I found most interesting and useful It deals with all the stuff you need to do if you want to get your book seen, reviewed, and bought There are some great little tips in there on effective blurb writing, and how to try to get your book reviewed.If you are at all interested in self publishing a book then I would heartily recommend APE I wish it had been out when I was writing and publishing my first book Even with the hard lessons I learned during that process, APE will come in incredibly handy for my future efforts. Over the last few months I have published two books on It was a huge learning experience I downloaded several books on releasing books online before getting started There are some good guides out there, however APE stands above all competition It is by far the most complete book on book publishing.In short, it s THE BOOK on publishing, and I have no doubt that in years to come the book will be referred to as the bible of self publishing.The book is divided into 29 chapters and spans over 400 pages As the title suggests, the book is split into 3 sections Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur In the early chapters, they give a brief overview of how books are published past and present They also talk about writing tools and getting your book financed I have used OpenOffice and LibreOffice in the past to create ebooks, however they strongly recommend everyone uses Microsoft Word as it s the de facto standard in the publishing world, and converting documents using other formats always creates problems.The Author chapters are the heart of the book You are walked through how to edit your book, design the cover, convert the book into appropriate formats and distribute the final product Every step of self publication is explained within these chapters, including the pros and cons of setting a high or low price It really demystifies the whole process and shows you how straight forward it is.In the last part of the book, they explain how you can effectively market your book online using social media, and pitching your book to high profile bloggers to build awareness of your book online They point out that modern publishers are stuck in their ways and still catching up with how to market books online As such, it s not worth spending money with these companies.The book comes with a lot of useful resources for writers too, including the Word template the book was written on, an InDesign template and a contractor template.My latest bookwas written using the free Word template that they offer with the book Most of the websites I looked at sold Word templates for around 20 , therefore the book paid for itself on the first day they offer lots of other resources for authors too.If you are thinking of releasing an ebook through your website, or through a store such as , Barnes I highly recommend you get this book I have read dozens of articles on self publication over the last few months, however all the information was spread across the web and seemed incomplete To have everything you need in one book is a great time saver.I encourage you to check out the preview as the first 3 or 4 chapters can be viewed for free The book will introduce you to a lot of new concepts in book publishing and reinforce the things you already know If you want to take your book writing seriously, buy this book You won t be disappointed.Kevin This book has really helped me in my effort to become an indie author There is so much to figure out when you are trying to learn how to self publish and this book has been one of my important guides to the process I found out what to do, and what not to do, and I do wish I had read it earlier in my process of self publishing, as I made some mistakes that could have been avoided from reading this book It is packed with information, and I don t think that I am going to apply everything suggested in this book, but I have picked up many tips that I can use I did mostly skip over the section about formatting, as this is a task that I decided to turn to an expert for.

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