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Little Dinos Don't Push Little Dino Must Realize That Pushing Is Wrong, Even If She Is Very Strong

8 thoughts on “Little Dinos Don't Push

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    Bought for my nearly 2 year old as she has been pushing other children I was disappointed that this book didn t talk about how pushing hurts I add this in when I read it but would have preferred the pictures to show how pushing hurts.

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    Short book but somehow got the message through to my 3 year old It quickly stopped his phase of pushing so well worth it.

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    Lovely book and clear message for very young toddlers Worked like a charm with a 21 months old

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    Used fir eirl

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    Absolutely awful Doesn t explain anything to a child about not pushing or having big feelings of how the person feels that has been pushed

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    I think these books are brilliant short and sweet teach a lesson at the same time I would definitely recommend for children aged 3 and up.

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    hes right it should explain that pushing hurts and makes other people unhappy and it could talk about retaliating not happy with this purchase

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    Any child would love these books your learning getting a story read to your little one Michael Dahl has done a fab job hear

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